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Not fact-based

"how did Jesus leave the tomb undetected? Did he teleport?" First of all, if Jesus was God, I'm pretty sure he could teleport if he wanted to. Second of all, he later appears to the disciples in a house that was locked; he got in without opening the door, simply appearing in their midst- so obviously, Jesus can "teleport". Also, when Isiah prophecies saying that a child named Immanuel would be born, a child named Maher-shalal-hash-baz does not fufill this prophecy. It does not make sense in context at all to say that Mary was not a virgin; it explicitly mentions in 1:25 that Joseph did not sleep with Mary until she gave birth, and in 1:18 that Mary was with child from the Holy Spirit. You also completely lack proof that Matthew made up these claims. Again, with the star, it is biased to assume that matthew made this event up simply because it is not documented elsewhere. Also your translation of 2:1 is incorrect; these are "wise men". I don't see anyone from the time saying there wasn't a star. The killing of all the male children is indeed an event that has occured several times in history and in myth. This is no reason to assume that matthew made it up. In moses' time, all male children are being killed because the Pharoah is afraid that the Israelites will overthrow him. Herod is now afraid that the new "king" will overthrow him. The undercurrents of meaning here are a connection between old and new saviors and do not in any way suggest that Matthew made this up. A preposterous claim like this, if it was a lie, would never have survived the scrutiny of eyewitnesses at the time. Also, do you really think Matthew was such an idiot as to think that Jesus could ride on two donkeys at one time? The word "them" in the passage refers to the cloaks that Jesus sat on on the colt, not that he sat on both donkey and colt. Finally there is no reason to suppose that the sun did not darken,etc. If anyone would have the sun darken when they died it would probably be Jesus, the only son of God. Finally, you seem to be approaching this through the tactic of assuming Matthew was wrong and then trying to justify that by saying he was lying or by inventing "errors" with no basis in fact.

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