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vexen you truly are getting a bashing here, that anonymous person is somewhat right! if there is no god , how did planet earth come about?? the sea, the sun, all that are GODS creations...and dont give me that bullshit about the big ruddy bang because im only gonna laugh! everything has a mechanism, and the mechanism of all things is GOD. do you seriously believe that life is all about peace?? look around you mate, wars are erupting, there is poverty because the rich are point being? GOD gives us happiness aswell as worry, smiles aswell as anger. get over yourself and get a new hobby!

OK, consider one question. Assuming that God exists, HOW did God create the universe? Did it (a) create something from nothing (impossible according to laws of physics), or (b) was the creation possible according to the laws of physics?

if (a), then you believe in a single impossible event (creation), that happened for a reason that you don't know. This is exactly the same as what atheists believe, except atheists make fewer assumptions about the cause of the universe.

Compare assumptions here:

god definitely created the world from nothing! god has powers beyond our wild imaginations! and by the way what laws of physics!? for all we know the scientists could be predicting everything wrong, we cant rely on scientists, for they are just mere humans like you and i! just because we cant see god it doesnt mean he is not there! if someone looked at you and said they cant see your brain, it necessarily doesnt mean it isnt there, does it?

Why is the Christian God right?

So I guess the other religions out there are wrong? Ya know, the other two main abrahamic religions, the religion christianity sprouted from, the non-abrahamic religions.

But you christians are right about your idea's in your mind, just like the non-Christians think they are righta about their ideas in their mind.

Why are the other religions wrong?

Re: Why is the Christian God right?

You really need to sit down with a true born-again Bible believing Christian and ask those questions. This site is not the proper venue.

Re: Why is the Christian God right?

Agreed, this site is based on the search for truth.

Re: Why is the Christian God right?

The search for the truth will only point you back to God.


Vexen, what "proof" would you need to believe in God?

I don't know. I like to think I'd recognize it if I saw it or felt it. Even though I don't trust my own emotions or thoughts I am nonetheless bound by them.

Who created the Laws of Physics then smartass?

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