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Re: One last thing... (was: Logical Flaws)

The Christian Bible *also* shows God as inherently evil, has God state that it itself is "a jealous god", very unfair, and in the Bible are verses where God itself sows confusion, closes hearts and does other things very much in contradiction with "truth" or "kindness".

For example "God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness" (2 Thessalonians)

Re: One last thing... (was: Logical Flaws)

You fool.
why do you think God has done this to us? Would you let someone into your house if they scorned it, stole from it or damaged it? What if the person had told many lies about you? surely you wouldn't want that person to come into your house? God confuses us to test our faith in Him. If we can rise above the evil that tempts us then God will surely let us into His kingdom. even if the person is evil and sins and blasphemes, God's word is still inside them , so that they may still turn back from the devil to His love. He's got it all planned. And another thing- the Bible was not descended from Heaven but writtn by MAN, those who were eye witnesses to Jesus and His teachings. No-one understands God fully, not even the Bible. even Jesus Himself claimed that he didn't know when the day of judgement would come and He was the one that was God's Son. God created us so that we may have free will over our lives so that we may prove how loyal and faithful we are to Him. Anyone who repents and confesses their sins and becomes sinful no more will be blessed by God. No matter how evil someone is, they can be forgiven if they have confessed and repented with all their might. So let me ask you something, have you been deluded by the lie? I suggest you start praying for forgiveness, for Hell is a lot easier to enter than Heaven.

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