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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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There is no God...oh ya??

Oh yes there is...some people are blinded by the stuborn foolish ways that they cant see things slapping them across the face....forget logic...God is beyond anything our minds could ever even begin to understand...We are only people, and by gosh there is more to life then us...Look at the incredible beauty around us everything....created by chance...thats bull. absolute bull. A man once said "when i am lying on my death bed knowing i'm going to die in a few minutes...i ll be thinking to myself...Well, that was nice...i wonder what it was all about..." He was an atheist...but "logic"" made him looked beyond that...He relized later that there is more...and its all about Our Creator who loved us so much that hes giving us a chance...and we're spitting it back in his face. No wonder This World is so lost...We cant blame God for bad things happening...We told him to leave us alone, so as the gentleman that he is, he has....but he is ready to come back into our lives when wé'll just give him a chance...Honestly...Don't you ever feel hopeless thinking that after the short time we humans live, its going to over forever...what have we got to lose? Nothing. What have we to gain? ETERNITY.

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