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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Refuting Monotheism

Refuting Monotheism: There is no God

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Re: Logical flaws


As an indigent one thing I know that is true is that any human being that got more money than me is a God to me whom if I am not of his like he will talk and talk disgusting things about me and from whom I will have to protect myself as much as I be able to do .
So what about if its really a real God running the entire World and whom create as much as do exist , what I am to that God ? Really nothing , to that God I am nothing and never was and will never be .
So what is those whom are indigents or medium class or rich whom go bla bla blaf blaaaa preching God is justice and good its up to them to talk dirty like that because for what I know if God exist it really is always kind of working full time for some kind of maffia and organize crime and not doing what them preachers said God is supposse to be doing .
I f you don't like how I am explaining myself its no my fault , look I used to live by faith and faith almost killed me so faith samell bad and is disgusting , I only have faith in me and I am an indigent so that faith its no helping so much , you dig ?
Hey , are you there ? Have you think that life is just a period of time in side a much of the time inside a disgusting peace of space called a city or a county or a garbage container called home where you are not the owner and got to live under rules create to converted you in some kind of parasite or robot ?
Have you have ever had fun trowing garbage containers up so they will make a noise as if the entire street is under attack and all the entire group of jerks get out of their house and chase you for several bloks screaming atrocities at you ? No have you done it yet ?
I supposse you all go to nice parties and done have to go crazy to get some entertaining eh ? Well you better start thinkink that you maybe going to end up as a parasite or a robot even if you own your own home so better find up who really is God and why is never side by side with you if you think he is not a jerk too .

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