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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Refuting Monotheism

Refuting Monotheism: There is no God

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Re: Logical flaws

3. Morals
Please be careful to differentiate between ethics, where I say that we have no way of knowing what absolute morals actually are, if they exis, and subjectivism, which is the fact that everyone sees things from a different point of view to everyone else.

Because nothing is sure (especially human thought processes), keeping doubt in mind and continually questioning assumptions becomes an important part of intellectual honesty, therefore, I question assumptions and in particular, on this site, question the belief in God.

There are more powerful arguments, I have not attempted to provide an analysis of all the theological problems and questions that philosophy has came up with over the last 3000 years, but, I have pages that merely list those arguments which I happen to put up.

I am fully interested in finding out what monotheists believe, and their objections to my arguments, and welcome you, your friends and any others who care to take the time (as you have) to think things through in an intelligent manner.

You are already head and shoulders above most of the other Christian spam I get, I like intelligence (and to promote intelligence) whether the people involved are Christians, Muslims, pagans, atheists or whoever.

Re: Logical flaws - subjectivism

You wrote “subjectivism . . . is the fact that everyone sees things from a different point of view to everyone else.." But this is a form of relativism, not subjectivism. Subjectivism holds that there is no objective fact of the matter over whether a specific action is right or wrong; therefore it does not claim that anything makes an action right or wrong - including personal approval.

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