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Re: Natural Evil/Suffering

The question is "Why does God allow Suffering?" The answer is "So that you recognize blessings which are the opposite of sufferings."

This is a classic argument, which I call the "experience theodicy". Unfortunately, it's also one of histories less resilient defences of evil, and it doesn't hold up as a good explanation. See:

Judging by all the evidence we have, such as natural disasters, life being based on death via the food chain & disease, the needless creation of evil and suffering, it is very hard to uphold the belief that if there is a god it is good. It is much more likely that if there is a God, it is evil, not good, and not even neutral, but full-on evil.

Some reasons why you could think God was evil:

Your question on angels is a good one, because some people think that angels & demons are responsible for natural disasters. Personally I think that their causes are simple physical causes, tectonic plates moving, normal things like that and not anything supernatural.

Re: Natural Evil/Suffering

I have to reply to this. First of all I'm shocked that you were so quick. Second, if you cry about all of the suffering and don't do anything to try to give a blessing, then you don't experience joy. Yes, the people who just suffered a tsunami are suffering and will experience joy from your money that buys clean water. I gave what I could, not for a blessing, but because I care.

Third, I have always been told that a lot of people do not believe in God, a loving God, until they experience a tragedy. Currently, my son is in a prison. He has been there for 8 years for a drunk driving accident at the age of 17. He has read the Bible for years. He seems to know his stuff, his grit, his reality and is not crazy. Coming across more of society, the down and out, in a prison, I have printed out about 50 pages from this site. I'm even curious of what he has to say.

I will get back in about 2 or 3 weeks, after the snail mail, and the authorities read this, etc. You know how they are. But, I hope, he has some answers for you. God is good. Hopefully he will prove it.

I love you all.

Re: Natural Evil/Suffering

I do not believe in God, and I have endured serious suffering. I lost a friend in an accident, involving an avalanche. I lost my brother, to the fatal waters of a rip tide. Myself, I've been half strangled, beaten up and harmed in more ways you can count, my friend.
And my question now: Why, when I prayed, didn't God save my brother? My friend? Where is God? I lost my faith, after just ten years of my life. Ten years is nothing. I am sorry about your son, but that is not suffering. That is consequence for the actions that your son caused himself.
Has God proven himself here?

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