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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Satanic Community

"How many Satanists are there?" by Vexen Crabtree

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well put it this way, I may not be a satanist, or pretend to comprehend Satanism, but, it makes more sense than christianity and cuts out all the BS of it!

Re: Sense

or is this website,just like any other marketing tool..selling the allure of "satanism"..have you noticed all the little BLUE bit, click on them.and LOW and behold it,s old anton,s books for sale!!.

well lets all make money out of stuff ,some one tried to define,but can never the way another great website for lost soles like me..anarchist cook book...yes lord you can make money out of telling people how to make bombs too,all Hail the internet age,stanism,has NO idea waht it is!







So you decided to stain this part of the world too, with your inane drabble about jebus, well let me inform you that jebus was an imbecile, for who in there right mind would die for a world that has such a vast array of beliefs just on the pre-tense that it "might" be saved..... which im afraid to say it wasn't, as if you remember your history you will realise that our past is not that much different from our present, we still have mass war, we still see death in the name of god , we still have blasphemy (praise that word), we still have famine, we still have disease, we still make idols to follow, we dont honour those who dont deserve it, and last but not least, we still see insecure cocksuckers like yourself, needing to relieve tension by coming on here and praising some 2000 yr old relic that has nothing to do with this day in age, (the satanic age , just ask any popular belief and they tell you the truth). You might ask yourself why i took the time to write this.... well you took the time to come onto a satanic site, and post a rather lame comment, so im taking the time to let you know exactly what you are, SCUM OF THE EARTH, and one day nature will rise up and you'll wish jebus was there to save you.




Here here... How can you praise Jesus...whats he done... hes a fictional character in a book so full of propaganda, incest, lust, murder, peadaphillia, sacrafice, hate, and all those things you christians so call have no part in...yeah why live by a book that is filled with all you so called disbelieve in? 7 deadly sins...haha...tell me you have never commited one and your a liar, sex sells and the church have just realised and thats why nuns habbits are now shorter! Hypacrits, get a life and stop hugging the Alter, one day you may just realise that there is more to being alive than swinging from a cross that fell many years ago...get with the times...THE BIBLE IS A FAKE!
If he is so great then why is he not guiding you away from here where your not wanted!




dude, i dont know who the hell you are but people would be more receptive to your opinion on satan if you didnt sound like an adolescent drunken bastard cursing and ranting about how horrible jesus christ is. at least the other guy had an intelligent comeback, you fuckin' imbred piece of donkey taint. come back when your mom's done giving you dome and you have something intelligent to say.


than What u do one this website. Are U mad. ?


jesus has already defected satan all glory to our lord

Nice community site, very informative to those or are, and to those who do have an inkling of brain compacity, keep up the gr8 work!!!

As a proud and TRUE (only mentioned as to many tri-hard wannabe's call themselves that) satanist for over 10 yrs, I have had the pleasure of learning a gr8 many things, and to see such a site that is not only educational, but also 'neutral' is a gratifying experience, and i say this in the sense that if you search the net for related subjects, mostly you find heresy and opinionated drabble apart from those few sites (we know them :-)). enough appraisal for now....

Vexen : you seem like an intelligent bloke and coming from an Aussie , that means a lot mate.... lol... I notice a lot of childish, borish, idiotic statements made within this forum/journal from the likes of Xtians, children, and the mal-adjusted norm of society and i like the way you handle yourself, and even though you dont know me from a bar of soap, I would gladly call you friend of the 'darker' path (whether satanist, agnostic, athiest, etc).


Re: Well wishing!!!!

You are ingnorant for sure and going to hell. To bad for you.

Re: Well wishing!!!!

So I'm going to hell am I ??? Has your pathetic little mind ever comprehended the fact that perhaps I already know that, and perhaps I invite that.... The only thing that is 'TOO BAD' is the fact that you had to open your shit-filled mouth and prove my point that people like yourself cant keep there opinions to themselves.... if you haven't anything CONTSTRUCTIVE to say, then DONT FUCKING SPEAK UP!!! The next time you wish to use such a word as 'ignorant' first off, SPELL IT RIGHT, and secondly learn the meaning of the word as it wasn't ignorant to for me to wish Vexen well.

Learn to be more open minded when coming to a site like this or you will surely feel your pathetic gods wrath when it is your time to be judged and you learn that putting others below yourself wasn't such a good thing afterall......




Hi. I really respect many of your points within your religion. Satanism is much more real and easy to grasp than any other religion.
I do however have a few criticisms. One is, why is it that you chose satan himself? Its works so well by your definition of who he is, but the fact remains that anyone who's heard of any religion regards him as the purest of evils. Wouldn't so many more people turn to hear your explanation if you chose another representative or role model? Also, Satanism speaks of survival of the fittest and striving for personal strenght. But the problem is I dont want to be STRONGER than everyone else. I want to be strong, but I feel that Satanism would set me apart from all of those who dont follow is as well.
What can you say about this?

Re: Satanism

Satanism does not need lots of cronies to follow it. It was set up as a philosophy of leaders, not followers. An there is nothing mentioned in the Satanic Bible of Satanism being survival of the fittest.

Re: Satanism

mate well said,I have studied satanism for along whils now.but compassion and love are the so important,none of us want to be the rich fuckin arrogant wanker with the rolex and the B.M.W.saying I am better than everyone else,the intelligence of human survival allows us compassion ..over well as far as i know lose that compaSSION is to lose your true humanity.BUt satanism does in away allow you to question and define your own PERSONAL moral values,so to POINT IN TIME i SUPPOSE you can define your own moralty,we live in a society,where perhaps all has gone(sure it was alot easier living in a tribe in the past0and moral codes inposed upon you ,from family .parents,peers ect..are perhaps NOt allowing you to pehaps satansism can help you in that way?

First of all, no one is ever "automatically baptized" into Christianity as a young child (or adult for that matter) by being dunked in some so-called water. To be truly baptized, as Jesus said, "You must be born of water and baptized in the spirit." Now, what that means is you must first be born by your mother (of water) and then baptized by the Spirit (Holy Spirit) ... and that ONLY happens when you make a conscious choice to invite Jesus in your heart, repent of sins, etc. Then the Holy Spirit indwells you, hence you are then baptized in the spirit ... or BORN Again ... that's why the "true Christians" are called "Born-Again." THERE IS NO OTHER WAY ... no matter what you have been told by mislead people. Please get your facts straight when you are speaking about being "baptized." It's very important people understand what that really means. So, your so-called friends were NEVER baptized into Christianity anyway and need not worry about it. They were going to hell then and still are now. Don't worry your pretty little heads about that anymore. Please pass this information on to all your "confused" friends who "think" they are baptized and think it actually meant something. IT DIDN'T. You are all in my prayers. :>

a life worth living

What is more satisfing than being loved? I belive that love is the most powerful force in the univerise. We all have been born with a craving for it. We all do crazy things for it. Love is patient Love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking. True Love never fails. My prayer is that everyone who looks at my comment will realize that love comes from a pure heart, Love provides hope.... There is always hope

It is a bigger blessing to give than it is to recieve.


Wow your website was exactly what i was looking for...informative. I am sick from hearing religious people refer to all things"evil" {or shouls i say anti-christian} as satanic. Now that i know what this spirituality form is about i can tell off the ones so easily to generalize.



Why would someone worship something or someone that hates them? Santin hates everything that God has created or loves inluding all you Satinists our there God loves you too. What do you get out of worshipping Satan... I would think nothing. By worshipping God you will recieve eternal life and happiness in the kingdom above you will be loved and cherished by Christ A man that went through all the pain and suffering for all of you. Santan doesnt care if you worship him or not he still looks at you as some worthless piece if sh*t that he gets to torture in the afterlife.

I am not a Christian and do not believe in the Christian mythology of Satan, God, Heaven, Hell, etc.

Satanism is not Christianity:

Satans Child

There is a Satanic website just opened today dedicated to mothers wanting to
conceive and give birth to Satans Child on 6/6/6 (6th june next year). <> is a totally interactive
satanic community dedicated to following the progress of expectant mothers
over the 9 month carrying period. As their children are born we will be
documenting their lives each year as the children grow into adults, to see
wether the antichrist really has been spawned.
This weekend is the time to conceive if you want to give birth to your child
on 06/06/06.
The site also offers sins and confessions, revealed to the High Priestess,
who can absolve you if they are bad enough!
A satanic community for chat and disscussion is also avaliable as well as
lessons and topics on satanism and devil worship.
For any more information regarding
<> please contact to find
out more. Thankyou for your patience. Satan is with you.

Satanas Incestus

Satanas Incestus:
I'm sure you've heard of the expression, incest is best! Well there's a reason for this, most people whether they choose to admit it or not, has had incestuous thoughts of members of their family/relatives, even if those thoughts are on a subconscious level hidden deep within their own conscious memories. The point I wanted to make here to fellow Satanist, is that religions have made this a sin, but I say what sin? Egyptians was having incestuous relationships with each other for as far back as we can see, many cultures use to do these things without repression, but now we have laws that forbid such things based on a Christian belief. So what I'm trying to say here, is if a mother and son, or daughter and father, brother and sister, nephew and aunt, niece and uncle, even grandmother and grandson or grandfather and granddaughter choose to have sex with each other, I say so what? As long as its voluntary and among "consenting adults". I'm not saying I would necessarily do these things, nor am I saying everyone should participate in doing such things, nor am I necessarily advocating romance or procreation between families as some standard, but what I am advocating is the "right" the "liberty" to have lustful sex between consenting adult family members without Christian created laws forbidding these things (taboo). I do not advocate sex with children, this I see as a crime for the simple fact that they are not old enough to decide whether to participate in such things. But as far as adults are concern, who is the Government to prohibit such things between consenting adults? They say these things are dirty, nasty, naughty, outrageous! but that's what makes it all the more alluring, if people choose to do these things because it turns them on (the forbidden fruit), I say indulge yourself, revel in the fact that its suppose to be a sin, maybe that's why they made it a sin, because it feels so good. After all, it is said, if sex doesn't feel dirty, then you must not be doing it right. I believe most Satanist should stand up and defend this right between consenting adults even if they themselves would not participate, if not just for the principle, then at least getting pleasure in knowing it bothers Christians! lol

Hail Satan!!!
Brujo >: )

well burn fuckers

i can see you all are some worthless little fuckin dungeon and dragon worshipers, you imbred swine! yeah is the bible not enough english for you! huh! oh yeah u cant fuckin read..well tell me where one of you fuckin waste case live and ill beat that punk satan out of you! suck a goat penis, oh and when satan is puttin it in ur ass hole you can remember this letter...peace out fuck bags

satan is a fucking cock sucking loser piece of garbage scumbag whore cock living NIGGERS!!!

Re: well burn fuckers

How can a person with as poor grammar as you accuse other people of not being able to read? I am pleased that you are a bad example to whatever group of people you represent.

Re: well burn fuckers

its people like you that makes the world a bad place to live!

Re: well burn fuckers

this guy clearly didnt read anything of the site ooh the bible excelent read if u like repatition he said unto him verily verily

Christian ---> Satanist

I was baptized and confirmed as a Christian at the age of 12. I'm now 16, but decided to become a Satanist at 15. I'm not quite sure what made me change... but I was bullied... and all I can say is that since I stopped "turning the other cheek" I haven't had any trouble from people since.
I feel hypocritical at times... but it's not as if I disrespect Christians, as I used to be one.

Re: Christian ---> Satanist

hello fine Chaps from the under world & friends of the light...My goodness dont feel sad feel free beleve in your self.. Be true to yourself at all times you dont need god nor do we need Jesus ...& the dark lord Satan or any god/gods .
WE are the gods on this sad planet... we control our own actions use your own judgment and judge your self fight for you self get rich be poor who cares ? be what you want to be Its up to you not GOD or Satan
NEVER turn the other cheek if sum one tries to hurt you waste them hard teach them ! Only gods are hypocritical & lie dont be a fool

Can you help me find out how 2 give my unborn child a satanic birth my email is my name is brandy

Praise for the Site


I would like to congratulate you on your excellent site. I am encouraged and entertained that you and I share much on our opinions on Satanism and its philosophies. From what I have read, I think you put up some great statements and offer a wholly intelligent and workable ethos.

I care very little for the cult of personality of LaVey that I find many online members of The Church are part of. Similarly, it seems that many of those that do have presences online have nothing in common with my interpretation of Satanism, and are doing an injustice to me (us) by misrepresenting my beliefs. Of course, that is one of the niceties of Satanism, that most of us really don't like the rest.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.


Re: Praise for the Site

Thanks for the thoughts.

hi i,m john

do you have a satanic book that has scrbble magicik in it that you read back words please get back to me thanks my e-mail is dark_angel333x2@y

Reading stuff backwards is best left to cognitive psychology experiments and horror movies.

fuck you satanists. you'll all burn for this when Jesus comes.

Your God burns people for not believing the right things?

Are you sure your God is the good guy?

Thought Christians didnt believe in ghosts and spirits...if this is the case how the hell is he supposed to come back!!! Get a life, your just another god botherer who thinks that all the church says is true, if this is the case why the hell does it agree with incenst, read your bible close and it will tell you of the father having sex with his daughters, and if God is so great how come you have to fear him? Its about time that you people actually realised that the Bible is another fiction story created by men who want control. Very sad indeed! Known fact; the catholic church has the largest library of child pornography and protects its perverted peadophile priests, yeah you say the Satanists will burn? I doubt it, they lead a spiritual life, learn more about the religion before commenting on things you obviously know nothing about!

hi i stumbled across this site and many others over last few weeks looking into the idea of Satanism, Now me myself is not a believer in gods or religion, i like to be open minded and free, but when i see, hear or talk to believers in Satanism, i have all the time in the world for, but when i see hear or talk to these believers in god, well i have no time for.. to me believers in Christianity are blinded and are dumb founded. And i also hate the fact that they shit on everyone and everything, but if you shit on them you are the evil one, but not them.. they say god created man in his image? if so did god want his image to be that of a Fool, arrogant, self centred and hate fuelled being.? am sorry what i say my be shit or not make sense all, but this world is fucked up and us humans made it this way not gods or being or myths.! Us..


i recently been looking thru alsorts of religious texts taoism/judaism/hiduism wen a couple of young mormons knocked at the door i thought id listen to wat they had to say and they gave me a bible after bein told my soul would be damned if i was not baptised and repentative of my sins a few time i came across a story about a man called alma who had lost his faith and to my surprise even though he was using people for his own ends as a leader to reinstall his faith he was issued with a curse and twas struck dumb..... now if u ask me if this man moroni found thes gold plates under a rock translated them with divine intervention and created their gospel he might of also found it apropriate to leave this part out because after al this forgiveness talk he contradicts it all with instant retribution from god im no satanist but ive learned more in my 2 hour long read on this site than in all my hours of curiosity of other religions thank u

ps i know im space wastin but any suggestions of other informative reading such as this :]

I think you and your admirers suffer from aspergers syndrome. I sincerely Hope there is a remedy for your kind of hubris.

a bit confused

hi vexen,
very wary to give myself a name of any sort,but having read all these angry ramblings on this website,seems like another religious war could ensue.
confuses me,beacause after all these years of searching..born again chritainity(after herion addiction)..saved my arse at that time..losing faith with that,then discovering buddismm,having met monks in thailand,and finally once I got disturbed by the MORAL contraints those beief systems imposed,discovering the anarchism of satatanism...but given there are so few sources to define it..from atheist,satanist,beleief satanist,and only la Veys books to read,it,s really hard to define if it is not just alot of very meant desire to be free of all god,s all religion,perhaps I am weak in that without some sense of purpose,some sens of "something else"going on..then indeed life is totally pointloess..job well yes i have visited the most extreme points of human excistance..we all know the feeling of when you finally have enough heroin in your seringe
to kill push the plunger in..but suddenly in the middle of the night something?..wakes you up as bright as says "your NOT going to die yet fucker"..AN YOU SAY ..WELL(you would wouldn,t you?)what the fuck was that.yet I come to this site a "satanic"site and all it seems to be is alot of very very very aggresive bitching between differant "religions"..con

You are elected to be destructed by disaster!

You are at the end of humanity and I want God to guide you to the right path of living.

Satan....the psycopath

In my mind, Satan is just a disgruntled employee...he worked for God as an aArchangel (at one time) and as Milton wrote in his epic poem "The Fall of Satan" was cast out of Heaven and into Hell. Yes, Satan is just a terminated employee with an anger management problem!! And, personally, I hate passive aggressive jerks (like my ex-husband)....

You got to admit that Hell is hot and unwelcoming....I, myself, like cool and pastoral places....there is still time to recognize and praise God, Satan's former Employer....


Worshipping Satan is stupid....It is better to look within and realize we can be complete and happy human beings committed to helping one another and the planet...I, myself, have many blessings including a blossoming writing career....I am only on this site because: 1) I am trying to rescue my ex-husband from his materialistic delusions and 2) I am curious about why people have sold their souls....Why???? Is there really a reward in Hell-fire? Vexen, is that your real name,and if so, who named you that? To vex someone means to irritate someone....there's a reference in Poe's "The Tell-tale Heart" to vexation.....Were you ever a worshipper of Good Things/God? Aren't you afraid of hellfire and destruction? I mean I am....

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