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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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I got this book recently, but haven't read it all the way through yet. I can't call my a pantheist per se (I just read a lot), nor a hippy or a 'tree hugger.' But I'd have no problem with this religion taking more of a foothold!

Your essay is fascinating. :)

Pantheism and Spinoza

Spinoza was Jewish, not Christian. He never claimed Christianity. He was excommunicated from his synagogue because of his pantheism.

Re: Pantheism and Spinoza

You're right, I'll fix that one within a week (when I've got access to my site's source files). Thanks.

Very interesting...

I believe

I believe in Almighty and oneness. Nature and the infinite systems that is the Almighty. I don't prey and cannot compress this magnificent majestic infinity to a bearded man sitting in heaven as that is wrong. All is connected. Nothing can prove this wrong.

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