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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Re: ha

I think that it is awful sad that some humans (and yes that is what you are)don't seem to understand the full mental reality of the devil. "he" just like God hates sin....and here is the real kicker, he thinks that he can show God how evil us humans are (and that includes you) so that he can prove a point. The devil doesn't get off on evil doings or sin, sin, sin ..he just simply uses it to laugh in God's face to show Him that humans are a joke and a waist of God's time and that God should have listen to him and never should have created us. The devil hates you and all you stand for. Your just a game peice, and the more stupid shit you do the more the devil tells God on you. It's kind of like that jealous crazy siblig that wants you to think that their your friend but in reality every chance they get they go running to daddy saying seeeeee I told you she/he was bad even though they're the ones that set your ass up. The devil is that 2 faced friend that keeps suckering you back in

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