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Vexen Crabtree 2015


"Misanthropy: People are Shit, Boring and Stupid" by Vexen Crabtree (1998)

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All people are shit.

Excellent argumentation. Very inspiring. I agree with what you say. Happiness and grief balance each other and it's very important to distinguish the very both of them to their full extent because if one doesn't, what does s/he do here anyway?


Why Are We Here?

Why are we here? Why exsist if we are noting but shit?! Why?! Why live if the world is nothing but selfhsness, sexual desires and other shit? I am sick of living in this god damn world!!!! I wish i was a demon or angel or other type of spirit! Anything but a human!!!!!

Pretty much, yeah...

Hmm, thought I'd actually post something intelligent on here (might make a change from all the above comments), but now it comes down to it, I can't think of anything deep or insightful to say. Dammit. But you're right, people are shit *looks to aforementioned comments*. Yup.

stupid and boring

I really enjoy your comments about how stupid and boring people are. I am forced to interact with a few of these intolerable creatures, because of my job. They are hypocritical, and moralistic. They are church-going back-stabbers. They are "Christians" who are absolutely God-less. They have no concept of humor, and yet they laugh loudly and often. They have horrible taste. They lie, they cheat, they steal. They are ugliness, personified.

U say that there is no altruistic person in the world? How is that?

This is from the silat player on yahoo chat. That is, silat_player_mfn at yahoo dot com. In case you want to email me and comment back. All up to you.

By the way, you claim to empathize, but you just run away. When someone comments on your profile, you delete them and run away. You don't even try to communicate. You don't understand Nietzche or know anything about his fascination with or admiration of Hafiz. Do you know who Hafiz was?

How many times were you so hurt that you turned around and decided to just run away? Take a chance and talk to a person once in a while. I wasn't trying to insult you or get under your skin, I just wanted to know more about you. Live life a little -- you might make a friend or two.

By the way, the ego is a tool for survival but can also destroy you if you become a hedonist -- look at Crowley, LaVey, and others. Learn to read the signs in everything around you. Peace.

no the problem is PEOPLE(all else to)IS FUCK,not just peoples stupid

becuse nothing matters not people not reality not atoms and shit nothin,
cuz everythingz evolving,everthin static,everythingz fallin apart


very interesting website, while i agree with a lot of what you have to say (and have clearly researched thoroughly) there are discussions on the ego which seem both tautological and self-contradictary. that said having a guestbook is a selfless gift to society. i have very much enjoyed reading and will be back. the feeling is not of pleasure or even satisfaction, moreover melancholy resignation.
keep up the good work


have you noticed how nearly everyone, when asked their opinion on something/anything they know nothing about (or at the most, have little, or hazy or inaccurate views on the subject...if they'd ever given it any thought in the first place), give an 'opinion', in a knowledgeable way,.... rather than admit they hadn't got a clue.


1st: it is interesting to read your stuff. but there's a problem: polemics. you take the existence of good & evil for granted, so your whole world-view is based on this assumption. i find christians very pathetic people, but satanists make me laugh out loud!!! there is no fucking god and there is no idiotic satan! satanist are just inverse-christians! both see the world through a dualistic raster. offcourse i could say: yeah, i'm a weak misanthrope too... but still i know: misanthrope is a word-definition. first there were people, later there was language. it's stupid to look up words, to define who you are. you are here! you have possibilities! you can succeed! you can fail! you can die! there is no good and no evil. there's just atoms, and they don't use words. stay strong. feel. change the world as much as you can. this is life. nothing more nothing less.

I don't believe in good and evil. I am a Satanist, not a Christian or an inverse-Christian. My religious has a different history and different beliefs to Christianity. Some parts overlap, many don't. Anti-Christians are still Christians, not Satanists. I am an atheist, Satan is a symbol that represents my religion.

Unfortunately, words are too useful to do without, and if we tried to avoid using nouns you'd find it very difficult. It's best to be clear, and not to make assumptions about usages of words, in short, it's best to try and find common practices and if unsure, to define your terms!

Re: general...

(pardon my english, i'm swiss :)
actually it was not my intention to directly accuse you of anything i wrote. for this i would have to know you personally at least. i try to look at things without as much prejudice as i'm able to. you say that satan is the symbol of your religion. i say religion is based on belief. belief is based on a priori assumptions like: satan/god exists. in my view, this is not the best way to understand reality. religion is always a biased pair of glasses you wear. i could say that i'm an atheist too, but somehow for me this sounds like saying: i'm a non-gasoline-drinker or non-cow-fucker :-P
again: no offense meant. cheerz: robbie

It's not that simple. Symbols are emotional and complex and rarely represent concrete things.

For example, the Buddhist Nirvana. Does it exist? Buddhists believe in it, in striving for it, but in a true sense "Nirvana" is a non-existence.

The Christians use lots of fish symbolism and "light" symbolism that they got from Mithraism, yet this "light" is purely symbolic, gnostic. They certainly don't believe that God has a particular frequency and candela! Religious is largely metaphorical.

Satanism is the same; it's symbols *are* symbols, and there is no pretense that they represent anything more. Satanism is an example that thwards

"i say religion is based on belief"

All beliefs are based on belief.

"belief is based on a priori assumptions like: satan/god exists"

Not always true. Agnostics base their belief on NOT making the assumption that God exists, and in admitting they don't know. It's not as simple as you'd have it!

Who is Satan (in Satanism?)? Lots of answers:

ALl people are shit?

Oh for goodness sake - get out more. Look around you - all people are shit? Shit is the waste product of a body - it has not the capacity to love and be loved, to feel the burning passion of hate or plumb the depths of despair, to feel the warmth of the sun or the sorrow of something harmed. It can not empathise or sympathise and it can not - of its own accord, grow into anything better. many people have a tendency to be shitty - that much is true - but many more strive to get out of the toilet and make something better for everyone, in whatever small way they can. I suggest you try doing the same before you bore yourself up your own back side.

Re: ALl people are shit?

"Oh for goodness sake - get out more. Look around you - all people are shit? Shit is the waste product of a body - it has not the capacity to love and be loved, to feel the burning passion of hate or plumb the depths of despair, to feel the warmth of the sun or the sorrow of something harmed. It can not empathise or sympathise and it can not - of its own accord, grow into anything better. many people have a tendency to be shitty - that much is true - but many more strive to get out of the toilet and make something better for everyone, in whatever small way they can. I suggest you try doing the same before you bore yourself up your own back side."

youre shit.

People are shit

Check out for more misanthropist and road rage statements.


yeah, google put me here. cos i searched "all people are shit". I like your site, fight club and american beauty. and rave, of course

something2006 hotmail co uk

wow what a bunch of freaks! get a life people. love peace joy kindness be happy positive throw all this dumb shit outtta your brains ...really what a waste of time and energy!

you sound like a spoiled, naive little girl. what exactly have you done lately that was any good for humanity? jack shit, so put a sock in it and stop throwing your opinion out for everyone to see before you even know what your talking about.


You left out annoying.
Couldn't agree more -- pleased to see the Satanic perspective voiced so eloquently, by the way.
Will be returning to your various pages and informing others of their existence.

I hate them more than you

I HATE HUMANS so much that their sight angers me, I agree with you and 99.999999999% of those creatures are the same : selfish ,greedy,mean,bad I HATE THEM,WORDS AREN'T SIMPLY ENOUGH to describe my fury against today's human's .I don't socialize ,have no friends and only necessity of circumstances pushes me to speak to them. Their pathetic laughs drives me insane of anger and hatred but there's nothing to do...

Re: I hate them more than you

Im fucking with you man. I have friends but just the fucking sight of them disgusts me to no end. All they give a shit about is fitting in, their looks and all that crap.


Simple isn't it? People=Shit. No exceptions. If you want to dig deep enough at it shit has it uses and we are unworthy of that title.
Just one of those things you know or you don't. Maybe a solar flare will bless our rock in the near future

I was moved, well done...

weak misanthropy

i dont understand how anyone of any religion, even satanism, could truly be misanthropic, no your just filled with anger because everyone looks down on satanists, im an atheist, so yea i think you a moron as well, but everyone detests me for what i believe (or dont or whatever) too, so your not unique. to be truly misanthropic takes more dedication in your ideals than any religion ever will, being a 'weak misanthrope' just seems like some kind of fad or topic of discussion with others, someone who is truly a misanthrope would not be coming up with ridiculous loopholes and shit. its like saying "im only human half the time when it suits me". thats bullshit, it fucking blows my mind the shit i read and see everyday, why dont you just say "im a misanthrope, i hate humanity because ... and by the way im really an attention whore in disguise as a misanthrope because it sounds cool to my friends, even though that completely contradicts itself".

but yea, i loved some of the quotes though.

Re: weak misanthropy

ok i just read the comments, so this is a double post, but dont get too worked up over it. from what it sounds like your saying you are both a satanist, and an atheist? what? that doesn't make any sense at all to me, please explain if you find time. i haven't brushed up on my satanism in a while, but doesn't satanism require you believe in satan, who is supposed to be some kind of diety, or is it just a guy that came up with another much needed work of mind trash, much like that scientology crap, which you might be delighted to hear rates much more unfavorable on my 'delusions that are bad for earth and humanity chart' than satanism does.

Re: weak misanthropy

It's quite fluid and simple to digest. Being a misanthrope doesn't imply being satanist ,it on the contrary elicits your hatred towards humans.They fuken behave the same way as a mass! FURY FURY ANGER HATRED REVENGE I've been many times provoked by these creatures for nohting insulted,humiliated,and I trust only GOD,my lord ,treand only friend....

why are you still alive?
because you want to keep fueling that selfishness?
the stupidity of man and the injustices of suffering of the world should more than drive you enough to forget fueling your ego and just end it

i dont plan on being alive much longer im not criticizing you...i'm just curious why you're still alive if you mistrust this world so much

An answer

Believe me you, that suicide has been a very vibrating thought i my current ponders, but a s I said, my religion is my barrier from death, I know for certain that I haven't created myself, and so I'll wait for death (although I'm pretty impatient these days...). Humans, humans, humans, how inane and obtuse most of them are!!!!!! How odious and hypocrite they remain...I hate myself, and the obdurate humans (most of them), I'm currently so angry at one of them( I was giving another one a favor, for free, and the polluted motherfucker thought I wanted to run out of the school, the gate was open,I didn't even address the muddy less than a excrement...) and I'm in high school, I fell like blasting a missile in his face, even if die...

Im in a bad mood right now..and yes this was entertaining and more than 99.9% true about 100% of the time..even angels have a bad day..just let them be

I'm tired of wordly life

I think I just don't fit in this world...all my days are bitter and sour, I ve been thinking about suicide day and night...I'm jaded of life, my f***** self... A great german philosopher once said that : 'Human existence must be an error'...

Know your limits and learn your strength

If you know your limits, you know that you are a finite being that is doomed to die. However, I tell you the truth, you need not die, but can live forever. How you ask? What is this nonsense you talk about? It is the truth, and the truth will set you free. Seek the truth and it will be revealed to you. Visit and begin to know the truth. You don't need to kill yourself, you can choose life, it is only your view of the world that makes you hate life. When you see goodness in the world and know the joy of the world, how can you say that you want death? It is when you choose goodness and joy that you begin to understand that you do have a choice that will allow you to overcome all sufferings and live.

looking around me, I cant help but agree. cant really put my feelings in words... most people are just cruel, materialistic, superficial, and mindnumbingly stupid creatures who only care about fucking money and sex. It also pisses me off how blindly most people will fucking gobble up anything being fed to them without even beginning to question it. it's interesting though... wanna wait and see how long before these creatures make this shit world collapse into dust.

I really would like to put an end to my own life, but my beliefs, prohibit such actions, this is the only reason why I'm still breathing...I'm sick of this world...humans are cruel for no reasons...I support misanthropes though I am not one, I 100% agree with their standpoints...

People are shit.

Humans are NOT cruel for no reason - you just don't know the reason. It is foolhardy and arrogant in the extreme to conclude that if you don't understand the reasons behind human behaviour, no one does. Bah, why am I bothering with this? You're clearly an idiot: You support misanthropes and agree with them 100% but you aren't one? What a dolt.

People are shit.

A largely bullshit website which fits Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of everything is crap." There are some interesting things here (though actually much less than 10%) but the underlying premise is totally false. Since this mistake is of the simplest type, one can only conclude that the author is an idiot. If so, explaining the mistake to it is likely to be wasted but I'll do so anyway in the hope that it might illuminate *someone*: The truth of the matter is that *SOME* people are shit. Indeed, being a misanthropist myself, I'd go so far as to say that MOST people (by far) are shit; but NOT *all* people. I, for example, and one of the few who aren't (readers of this may doubt me but since the likelihood is that you're one of the shit majority, you would, wouldn't you?).

Just because I am, possibly excepting members (or a sole member) of my immediate family, the only non-shit person in my life right now does not mean I will give up entirely on the possibility of meeting a decent person. The author of this article has quoted person's presumably non-shit. I'd like to think too that a person can be part shit yet have sufficient goodness in them to equate to a non-shit person in total. After all, the idea of people being either total shits or total saints is naïve.

Don't let an idiot fool you into thinking that it's perfectly normal to be a shit, and that everyone is shit, on the strength of having some experience of shitty people such that you find yourself agreeing with some of what is said, or because the writer is self-deprecating (or maliciously cunning) enough to admit to being just as much a shit as everyone else. Some people have terribly low self-esteem and a propensity to see the glass as half-empty. It doesn't mean that their perspective represents THE TRUTH.

After thoroughly reading the posts, I have come up with one significant question (or at least significant to my people hating soul). There has to be some reason as to why a random person would suddenly and inexplicably hate all human kind. In my opinion, there has to be a reason for all believes, actions, attitudes, morals, behaviors, and cognitive functions. Never fear, there is an answer. Only stupid people have no reasons. All people who believe in something without empirical evidence and reason are stupid. So for example you may say all people are shitty, selfish, corrupt, malicious, but where is your proof? All Christians believe that what they say is true, but without any evidence their theories are null and void. Therefore, without evidence that all people are might say that evidence is in wars, Holocaust, gang violence, rape, but what about evidence on the other side such as acts of charity and service, the Bible? I would think that for one person to state a belief and claim for it to be true, then the evidence that they have has to be person specific, entirely subjective. For instance a person claims "i hate all people." the only way that person could have any merit in that statement is if truly ALL people have brought some kind of shit down on them, thus making ALL people shitty people.

Hard as a troll, hateful in hell-born

I am 100% misanthrope and always try to properly steer my hate towards people, causing possibly the bigest amount of (their)suffering and (my)gratification as its possible. Hate increases my vitality, build up my ego, stimulate my creativity. I love to hate and I have the privilegde to do so. I have been gone the very long path(of depressive, constant searching) since I realised, that there is no love, real empathy, social bonds, unniversal truth in this world of shit(= living creatures). All organised religions functions only to suck the money from stupid, blind and pathetic crown. I am against all types of that moneymaking ciruses, being grateful of having ability to read behind the lies. I have MY OWN philosophy and I stick to it, cause it is perfect for ME. I don't feel the need to share my thougths with anyone, cause no one can understand me better than myself. I support my individuality, self-indulgence, even selfishness. My pointview is the most important, my decisions final. I am creator of my own state of mind. Living in self-based environment of emotions, my own world in which you are just the small,worthless elements. I am god of my own egsistence, having ability to sensible creation but also to brutal devastation, to strong love and to strong hate. I am against procreation, socialisation,marriages materialism.I am this world and I am this world's desaster. Like it or not. For me you are nothing. There is so much emotions, so much carnal explosions, painful pleasures to be experienced.And remember... Only death is real!!!!!!!

Thank You

Holy shit... I must say reading through all your thoughts and the quotes was like a breath of fresh air... just delightful... so thank you so very much

Boy, this thread attracts misanthropes like shit attracts flies.

The problem with criticizing people for being stupid, irritating, dangerous, etc. (especially on anonymous or semi-anonymous forums such as this) is that it is difficult to criticize others without being as guilty (or more guilty) as those we criticize.

As soon as I say, “You are stupid,” to someone who irritates me, I sound stupid myself.

Over millions of years, human beings seem to have evolved to be cunning (which we flatter ourselves as being intelligent) and vicious, putting our cunning to use at best to defend ourselves and at worst to harm, exploit, and destroy others.

I do have a tentative (perhaps self-deluding) sense that our evolution is beginning to select for other traits, such as caution, tolerance, appreciation for diversity. I forget the exact terms William James used in Varieties of Religious Experience, but he seemed to distinguish between an optimistic, hopeful, tolerant style of religion and a Calvinistic, pessimistic, God hates humans but what the Hell Jesus will save you if you beg style of religion. Today the world seems to be dividing into the ecumenical all religions believe in some God toleration camp and the fundamentalist evangelical/fundamentalist/taliban we hate everybody who thinks different and may all blow ourselves us and you with us camp.

As an atheist who mis-marches to a similar drummer as you, I think both religious camps are nonsense, but as an animal who likes to survive and who hopes to see my offspring survive, I prefer the tolerant religious camp. It's late, late, late in the human(not very)kind day, but it is perhaps our only hope as a species.

The devil mixes truth with lies, you will see what you want to see, which is why we have free will! Many say god wants to condemn us, which is the truth and which is the manipulation. I believe weak is giving into the fact that people are shit (which we all are, but hey, no one is perfect) and isolating oneself, becoming more and more estranged, too much time and a too many knocks can make the best of men fall, it's the strong man who overrides the

It is not possible to write less sense than what you just wrote - whatever that was.

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