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I've been a solipsist from time to time...


I've been a non-solipsist for a few months, on the back of an essay I wrote on Solipsism. I didn't release it because the anti-solipsist arguments were fatal to the essay itself, and am perhaps (finally) ready to admit that all the sensible non-solipsists are actually right.

I am no longer an agnostic solipsist, I am now a permanent... er, realist. Or otherwise "normal". I have several anti-solipsist arguments that I have never heard anyone else say, they'll appear online at some point.

Biggest anti-solipsist argument (the one that gets me): There is no reason to assume that the processes of biology do not create valid life other than your own. Therefore, it is not correct to assert that only one valid consciousness (the self) exists.
Tags: philosophy, solipsism
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