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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Residents of a Turkish town threw stones at a tourist because they thought he was a satanist. The Austrian was dressed in black and had piercings on his face. Police in Edremit had to take Sascha Michael Mariacher into custody for his own protection.

Mariacher, 28, had dyed his hair red and wore large hoop earrings and silver rings. Police say he had come to the town to visit his Turkish father. He was not seriously injured.

A police spokesman said: "Local people thought he was a Satanist. They were scared and started attacking him."

The Anatolia news agency said people thought he was "an alien."

"He is not a Satanist," the police officer said. "And he can't understand why the people were so scared of him."

The Austrian Embassy was not available for comment.

Is this really true?

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Yes it is true

I know him and i know the story ----> he is no satanist... his style was known as: Endzeit Romantiker ( Endtime Romantic )

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