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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Solipsism isn't true

Solipsism isn't true, but Subjectivism is

Your reference to epistemology as the belief that all information comes from one's own experience is a tadlet wonky: I think you're thinking of empiricism. Epistemology is simply the philosophy and study of knowledge, which is what your essay is about.

As to the rest... I'll get back to you, although I suspect your use of Occam's Razor is precarious, because it almost always is.


Nice Try

For your first arguement of the fact that it is hard to explain it to somebody else, that is because of the fact that they are "automotons" and designed to argue for there own conciousness.

For you second arguement of when two solipsist meet, one of them must be wrong. we can just leave it at that. one of them must be wrong, this isn't even an arguement.

As for the whole self is god shpeel. the only comment that you made is a why question. Why does the solipsist think that it is the product of conciousness. because that self is the only thing with the capacity to create it. this isn't an arguement only a question.

You final arguement is that by following what biologically the self has in comparison to other beings we can determine that the similarities mandate conciousness. This has two problems. The first is that to the Solipsist biology is created by the self and therefore bears no relevance. the second is that you are mistaking a correlation for a cause and effect. There is nothing to show that biological similarities mandate conciousness.

In short, nice try but you have only posed questions easily answered by the solipsist. these questions by no means demean, much less disproove solipsism as a whole.

John The Solipsism Debater

Re: Nice Try

Er I got one more small voice arguement.

A) If Solipsism is real then why do you feel the need to argue I mean we are fake I don't exist why do you need to explain yourself, I don't mean why do we argue your answer to that is the same reason as pain. I mean why do you feel the need to argue with Dream Creatures.

B) How do you explain people knowing more than you? If you are "God" than how does the person down the street know more about a topic than you how do you not know everything.

C) In fact, why do you sleep, walk, run, sit, eat, drink, play football, THINK!!!!!

Stand around for a month without moving no food water speach anything. Just stand there

Can you do it? No. If you can do it as you die you will relize the mistake you have made but will not be able to go back and then you will as Vex explained eventually lose everything and die.

Good Ridiance

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Given your struggle with this issue, I think you might benefit from reading Ramana Maharshi and Ramesh Balsekar.


u dunno ur dreaming when ur in a dream, at least, most of the time, u lose that sense of judgement. however that dream becomes, u dun have an idea of your pseudo-existence in a world created by your brain. and although biologically and psychologically speaking, your brain creates all those people, things, places and events in your dreams, you don't necessarily have the power to control these things you create. in the same way, to say solipsism is a world out of your figment of imagination, you don't necessarily be omnipotent. besides it's also possible that you create conscious beings out of your mind. if their consciousness is dependent upon your existence, then your extinction will mean a total collapse of everything you create.

I agree with vexen

Some people like myself have the ability to consciously control dreams. If all reality is projected from your mind and you realize it then you should have control over everthing.

You make the mistake of assuming that solipsism is making claims of validity regarding the possibility of the Other, which it is not. You state: "This [solipsism] means that only your self exists, nothing else." This is incorrect. Solipsism is the belief that only the consciousness of the self is knowable. It does not suggest that an other consciousness is not possible, only that it is not directly knowable. There's a big difference between knowable and existing which you do not address in your essay, and most of your points are rendered moot because of this.

Re: Solipsism

If you look look solipsim up in a good dictionary u will find that there are in fact two definitions. The one which you hold and Vex's as well. Generally in philosophy Vex's defintion tends to be the more widely used. Yours is merely Socratic and selfevident, in that case everyone would be a solipsist. I happen to know latin myself and solipsism comes from the Latin solus > one/only and ipse > by the self (ipsus > self)

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All's well in Hell

You're an idiot, solipism is impossble to refute in any way whatsoever. Your logic to disprove it is simplistically tautological in nature. You try to prove that solipsim doesnt exist by giving proofs that are suggetive ofthe fact that solipism doesnt exist. Every thing you said was insubstantial.


Great essay, really. But I have to say it... prove it Vexen. ;)


You aren't real, and I know you will not agree, cause I am writing this to myself almost, my mind will tell me exactly what you will say.

Re: "Solipsism"

I find myself intrigued with your take on solipsism and confused as to precisely why you feel the need to drop it. I think perhaps I do not understand you when you use the term "biology." I consider myself a solipsist. I consider all others a manifestation of my SELF... I am eternal and I wrote these happenings before I was born. I have allowed self-created consciousness to forget my intentions so that I might learn from this game that I have set up to keep myself from growing bored. ;-) And so, my friend, I would like to see what it has been slated that you are to teach me... or perhaps a non-response is what is meant to be. Take care of yourself. Live forever and enjoy it. What else is there to do?

oh no

please dont say that


because if we both say that

then one of us has to be wrong.

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Off the wall Theory

Well, I don't know if any of you have every seen the movie "Waking Life", but I suggest you all do.

Okay here is the deal. My friend and I were sitting on his porch slightly intoxicated and talking about this whole Solipsism thing, although at the time we didn't know that was what it was called. Anyhow we were talking about in relation to dreams.

Consciousness is a dream and reality is a figment of our imagination. Is so far as what we know as existence is a dream. So my friend and I got into the normal Solipsist debate, you are my dream, no you’re mine… Well after another round we started talking again and we decided that the truth in Solipsism is this (in our humble minds):

I am a dreamer, and I dream things so well, so vividly what my dreams have life. They become self-aware and are therefore capable of dreaming themselves, which creates more life. On and on in an endless cycle until death, which is really just the cessation of dreaming. Them we got into Leary’s theory about the 6-12 minutes of brain activity, which are dreams after death in which many believe you can relive your whole life- that would explain reincarnation and also life after death as a god. So the tie in to solipsism is simply that we are all a creation of each other and there is no one universal consciousness except what we know as ourselves. What I mean is that while I am not the only person in existence I am because I am capable of dreaming and “creating” life.

We are humble high school philosophers with no real training other than our own personal research. I know this theory has holes in it but I’m working on it. Feel free to send me an e-mail with comments at ImADreamer9@hotmail.


There is no spoon.


Ok, as for Biology, as Husserl would state, it is [bracketed]. It is outside of philosophy, just as all other sciences, and therefore cannot enter the equation of self. It is trancendental.

As for there only being 2 outcomes to "convince others of solipsism", that is wrong. There is a third. And that is that niether of the two "solipsists" exist. But then again, this is not the point of solipsism: to exist, or right or wrong. The point is that one cannot KNOW, to any degree of certainty, anything outside of the Ego, or Self.

As for the "one, true" solipsist being "god" is irrelevent. Solipsism is not a matter of existence, it is a matter of self-knowledge.

Now, this following statement is not an arguement for solipsism, because I am going to mention existence, or the lack thereof, but think about this: When YOU die, to YOU, I and everything that was once a part of YOU dies as well. You will have no way of knowing you or anything else had ever existed. Again, this is not solipsism, but I will leave it at that.

A mistaken concept of god

The problem here is that many people have a mistaken concept of God. If we conceive of God as physical, anthropomorphic (like man) being, the question of God’s origin is valid. However, such a concept of God is alien to the Bible and to common sense.
When asked “Who or what created God?,” we are making the assumption that God was created. If God exists outside of time and space, and if He is the Creator of time and space, He obviously was not created! God began the beginning!
the question of who created God is an invalid question. The problem is like asking a student to draw a four-sided triangle. The terminology is self-contradictory.

No response

Of course it follows that any true solipsist wouldn't bother to respond or argue. Why would he bother?

Well by your arguments Solipsists would never communicate with anyone. That's not how Solipsists are. They communicate happily, and debate happily, because for those purposes that they've created puppets.

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your wrong, email me if you wanna discuss it