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Twilight of the Idols

Nietzsche: Twilight of the Idols fast becoming my favorite non-fiction book. It's subtitle should be: Nietzsche kicks everyone's arse with the utmost style, humour, grace and art.

Nietzsche is the only philosophy author, except LaVey, who makes me stop and laugh out loud when they drop their jokes. The jokes are just as amazingly worded and set up as all the arguments, the follow-ons and strength of it all is divine.

I didn't understand Twilight of the Idols first time I read it, I didn't understand all the things it was debunking or all the cultures and concepts it mentioned. I didn't even get the humour.

I just want to quote it at length. I already have one page that is a pure Nietzsche quote (, I could easily do several more!

I want to quote all of his chapter "The Four Great Errors", texts 5 and 7.

I thought Thus Spake Zarathustra was good, which it is, it is an amazing and inspiring book, pretentious and prophetic, just as I like it, I would call it "The" book of Humanism. But Twilight Of The Idols destroys everything (and with such style!), whereas the character of TSZ comes and shows us new ways to replace the old, broken and misguided ways.

Written at a later date I finally agree with the critics that Twilight Of The Idols is Nietzsche's best, Thus Spake Zarathustra has been relegated to a mere 2nd place.
Tags: nietzsche, philosophy, religion, thus spake zarathustra, twilight of the idols
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