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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


I like amazon.co.uk, they stock a large quantity of alternative music, including Black Metal, extreme EBM like Wumpscut, goth music, industrial, etc.

And it builds up "associations" according to what people buy, and how they rate items.

So in order to play with this system and make people buy a larger spread of items, I have FOUR timtes, bought an Ultraviolence CD at the same time as an OMD CD. Ultraviolence is hard core dark techno/industrial, and OMD a fantastic 80s electro group (they done Enola Gay, remember?)

I don't know how much I need to do to get it so that when a person clicks on an OMD album, it states, "People who also bought an album by OMD, also bought albums by these artists: Ultraviolence"

So if anyone wants to aid me in my fun, stupid and subversive game, do the same as I!

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Actually, I was looking to replace my lost "Pacific Age" OMD CD...but it's an import at import prices here. :-( Do you know if the OMD Singles is as good?

I haven't heard of the "Pacific Age" CD... or rather, I can't find it.

There are 2 OMD singles CD's out there.

One of them, the one you have in mind, I think, is "OMD Singles", the second is "The best of OMD"

They of course contain many similar tracks, and both contain most the old, famous hits. The first 10 tracks are exactly the same on both cds.

After that, they vary a bit. "OMD The Singles" contains more of OMD's later material, including 3 tracks from "Sugar Tax"... an excellent moody pop synth album. It also contains a later 90s track, "Walking on the milky way", from their album "Universial", which is slightly more rock than their other albums.

Present on "The best of OMD" though, are excellent tracks like "We love you" and "Telegraph"... some of my favorite OMD tracks. It also includes "Genetic Engineering", a jolly low-key ironic song about the benefits of editting people's genes before birth (which isn't good, musically, but it's haunting and the humour always makes me smile)

Get "OMD Singles" if you want to hear some of later things, including a few excellent, smooth tracks from Sugar Tax... or get "The best of OMD" if you want pure 80s, and a few scatty bleepy songs thrown in, too.

Or personally... I would get "The best of OMD" and "Sugar Tax"... because Sugar Tax is amazing synth emotion thing... the whole album makes me want to sing along... like The Cure's "Wish", but OMD style.

If you wait until November... you can buy the albums here (cheaper)... or just listen to all my OMD CD's!

I have one of their modern cd's, and a load of their old ones, including the wierd "Dazzle Ships" (out of which only one track appears on the singles albums).

Good choice of discs there :) What Ultraviolence CD did you get?

As I've done the OMD/Ultraviolence combination four times... this means I have all Ultraviolence CDs!

So... Killing God, Life of destructor, Psycho Drama

The fourth one (new one, released this or last month) I just ordered along with another OMD CD.

Go HERE for a list of Ultraviolence CDs I own, and HERE for my OMD ones.

woo! black metal *bounce*

Yeah... they have all the Blackend compilations, and stock multiple bands from Earache and other very alternative labels.

They don't stock _everything_ though, so if you are after more Black Metal, I suggest Resurrection Records online store, who stock more (they're also a small label, with half a dozen or so UK based goth bands like Inkubus Sukkubus signed up), and are also the best shop in the UK for alternative music... ran by goths, able to get anything, including rare, limited and foreign alternative music.

I bought Nick Drake at the same time as Tool, hope that helps :)

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