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Long hard road out of hell

Just read Long hard road out of hell by Marilyn Manson. Was a good read. Admittedly when I bought it (a year ago) I just read the chapter on MM's meeting with Anton LaVey to see what he said. More or less what I expected, with the addition that Manson said, "I already knew everything there was to know about the Doc, but he knew little about me...", as I wondered where he got this information from!

Manson surprised me by commenting on some significant esoteric books he'd read, and although I knew some of his "messages" from previous comments I've read I got a new understanding, an inspiring one, of his Antichrist mentality.

Shame I don't really like his music except for a handful of tracks, but for want of more musicians with his anti-stagnation power I may just buy his albums anyway. And I plan on quoting him at least once throughout the Vexen Websites:

"AntiChrist Superstar is [... about] what everybody feels in their hearts but is too afraid to say. It's honest. It's not picking on any one person, it's picking on everbody including myself. We're all hypocrites, but by admitting it, you transcend it and it no longer becomes a personality defect as it is in the people who blindly cling to their own self-righteousness. By knowing all this, you grow from it. I've grown from it."
Marilyn Manson, "The long hard road out of hell" Plexus Publishing Ltd 1998, p261

Which is something I'd write, but in order to show respect I'll find a place I've wrote it and quote Manson instead.

Oh... one thing I expected in the book but didn't find... based on the drug-frenzies and subsequent spirit-malaise of Marc Almond which resulted in him coming clean of drugs, I expected more of a closure on drugs perhaps Manson has more energy, more demonic blood, than Marc Almond and can keep at it for longer!

I think the title of the book is given because the first biographal word of the book is "HELL...". It's worth a read just to see the endless stupidity Manson faces, the more outspoken American Christians' antics are so absurd it's entertaining, and to read of the intense and non stop self-abuse and debauchery of Manson himself.

Manson is now, officially, the most hedonistic person I know of to date but note that I don't read many "lives of the rock stars" type of books.

Vexen resultant emotions: Impressed, empassioned, pleased, humbled, self-assured, grateful, inspired to keep trying.
Female match: Diamanda Galas.
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