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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Satanic Doctrine

Satanic Doctrine and Legalism

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satanic ritual baptism

i am a reader of this satanic, "blasphemy" or what else people called such an evil.. psychologically, satanic are christian enemy,, in a matter of "god faith", religious and non religious,, i was grow up, with a faith of catholism, i become a member of born again christian, my life has full of angry, trouble, doubt, and honestly i was become a sex minded! in a matter of sexual masturbation, by myself alone for almost several years,,. then how
thought im also an active biblical reader... in my room, under entoxicating liquior, with, packs of cigarrete. i am under influence to all of this.. but a matter of fact,, im a christian baptized in one active religion in our country.. to satanism, i was encountered to psychological, emotional, faith debate, with public humors, reputation, argument,,, in our place to a conceipt of "god calling" around in the christianity faith,,, to faith against christian faith debate,, to answer,
a biblical accused,, with personal intempt, of the public relation,, with reason, about my stupidity,,. and self "blasphemy".. a public accused, with a psychological against on me, as a biblical reader, to preach, or to tell the people sorrounds me, the word of prophecy wrote on the bible... with such personal reason, conclude, to my family and my self.. with public intention,, i defend my self as a selfish, and putting me unto seriosly situation,, how crazy i am? how crazy to shout my voice, louder with angry,, in the middle of our village to defend that im not a bible preacher,.. i dont know if you believed but it was happen for almost three years, "shouting,talking,with angry,without anyone personal enterpretation against from voice, that in the first place dont know where it came from, until i discovered that all voices are came from our thy neighborS" with a "house to house distance".. with my psychotic performance.. on the public, by my alone... no help of any friend, even relatives....
satanism, my faith has still there,, i was decided to quit on christian faith, by my prayer..., quit my baptism, quit everything in christian faith,, which had a connection on the public, about the situation, psychological, and enviromentally.. totally quit to the doctrine of christianity.. Amen..
this is a letter of my sharing,,.
please, consider this letter in a wrong english, composition.. incase
of you're misunderstood,..
in our country it is called " the english carabao"" haha!
not funny..
by the way. "just a question" it is true "satan fight for freedom" not for death,, "i heard a voice from my dreams"? not in the bible,
bible said, revelation 20:7 when the thousand years are over. satan released from his prison?,
my fellow, i was born this uneversal heaven and earth, did'nt know anything, and everything about god,, religion, and even the bible has already documented in this world... i hope and i praye'd that you recieved this sympathy of mine.. from the begenning to the end... and then
throw this to you're trash.. amen.

the devil satan

The Christian world would have you believe Satanists are evil, corrupt, have no respect for life and wish to bring about the end of the world.

This of course is ridiculous.
Satanists do not believe in Satan as a living entity or as a God; they view Satan as a basic pre-Christian pagan force or principle of nature.

Satanism is a way of life and not about worshipping a mythical beast with horns and a pitchfork.

Satanists respect and celebrate life to the full.

To learn the truth about the Devil Satan and Satanism visit
www.TheDevilSatan.com (http://www.TheDevilSatan.com)

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