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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Changes of mind

I support the USA and I support the removal of Hussein's government by whatever means necessary, and even support military action by the USA with or without the approval of the UN: However the USA would be wrong to go ahead with military action without this approval, I would still support it.

I am also changing my mind about Israel, and now support Israel instead of it's dectactors/victims which surround it. I find the Israeli government more agreeable than many others.

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first off you noo pic looks REALY scairy. second off, i don't care WHAT happens as long as no one inercent gets hurt.

hurting the buildings were wrong, but he was only trying to deel with the problem of to many humans and the distruction that corses

he didn't, like, wake up one morning and think 'thinh i'll be evil today'

my prediction, he'll end up being killed by an angey former 'owner' of a couple of towers, then me and lots of other spieces'll probly remember him as the joan of ark of our time

fekin humans

Any particular reason why
oh and don't fall in to the trap Various bodies on both sides have been setting of thinking the Israel and Iraq situations are linked.

A war unbacked by the UN would plunge us into a global situation so bad that would condem nations in the middle east to the dictatorship for much longer than they are currently destined to be. It would result in the paranoid mind set that lead to the communist which hunts of the macarthy eara and as you may recal Many non main stream groups became the accused and convicted just for being different. I sadam dose defult of the promise he has made to complie with inspections and the UN can be perswaded to allow action then maybe force is the right thing, but peice must be offered as a genuine option. It is not worth plunging the world in to evil times for the sake of the inhabitants of one country.

After all I thought you belived in self interest?

I'm adding you, but you don't have to add me back...I'm just interested in reading what you write, that's all.

Mrow, quite a melange of comments you got for that. I just skimmed through Makali's friend's list and noticed your post. I -really- like you for saying what you have.

you support he war even if that coast 1.5 million of deathes childs, thats cool , shows the kind of person you are.
israel is not even a legitime state, they stole the land from palestine, they get a land by war, every one who support the ideae of the state of israel , he is a egoist and very screwed person
DOWN WITH ISRAEL , when they kill inocent kids they are not terrosit, but when hamas kill this is terorist,COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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