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Nazi uniforms

Thanks to torchsoul for lending me this book, here is a quote that just made me laugh out loud. Context: A chapter about fascism and imagery following on from a chapters about decadence, deviance and lots and lots of fun was a note on how the Fascists oppressed all of this in their will towards "purity" of some kind. Then, in modern times:

"The SS officer, with his monocle and black leather riding boots, has been transformed into a decadent figure familiar to all popular fetish clubs - partly due to the unhealthy idea that, as the twentieth centuries most infamous oppressors, Nazis make good models for the recreational sadist. Susan Sontag made a detailed study of this sinister idea in Under the Sign of Saturn, in which she writes: "Between sadomasochism and fascism there is a natural link. Fascism is theatre... as is sadomasochistic sexuality.... expert costumers and choreographers as well as performers, in a drama that is all the more exciting because it is forbidden to ordinary people."
The Nazis as an icon of erotic fascination have much to do with their sense of visual drama. As conservative American humorist P. K. O'Rourke puts it, "I've often been called a Nazi an, although it is unfair, I don't let it bother me for one simple reason. No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal"

"Dissecting Marilyn Manson" by Gavin Baddeley
Tags: fascism, fetish, gavin baddeley, marilyn manson, nazis
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