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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Incomplete impure Koran of untrustworthy Muhammed

Incomplete impure Koran of untrustworthy Muhammed

It seems that even the "good" of the Koran is based on Satan's power... Satan chose to let Muhammad live, when faced with the pagans whom Muhammad could not conquer without Satan's help. Or... if Satan did not inspire the verses, then Muhammad himself perverted God's law and therefore his recitation of the Koran is not pure or from God, at least in part, due to the materialistic (Satanic) Earth... the Earth that had power over even Muhammad. With verses missing, verses created by Muhammad according to his needs and not according to truth, and with an unknown quantity of verses inspired by Satan, the Koran is more of a mistake than divinely inspired. No wonder The Satanic Verses is such a painful reminder for Muslims of how their scripture is indebted to Satan!

Incomplete impure Koran of untrustworthy Muhammed

To Vexen
First things first, i'm only anonymous b/c i'm too busy to try and sign up. But I need to comment on the above matter before i carry on with my life.

I am a Muslim and I love my Allah and his beloved Muhammed.
But this wasn't always the case. I am a lawyer and have the ability to argue rationally and logically. I argued the principles of my fellow Muslims, making there beliefs appear ridiculous. I didn't believe in a Creator and only went to Mosque for the sake of doin so...
I don't mean any offence to your beliefs etc.
But allow me to analyse your evidence in respect of the article concerned objectively using my mind and intellect. [ rather than my hearts convictions ]
1. Your sources and authority on The Qur'aan are not qualified therein. In any court of law, those persons cannot testify as experts witnesses b/c they cannot interpret the texts. Even though I as a lawyer or solicitor can interpret any countries constitution, I cannot interpret any religious book b/c I must learn the skill that would enable me to consider the relevant factors and thus formulate an opinion in that regard.

2. Lets look at the rules of the game of religion. From the divine religions there will be many sects, which would be due to arrogance of man, inspired by the Satan [ bear with me ]. This is clear from the faith of Christianity for example. Further, acc to the story Islam would have 73 sects. Muslims would never be united till just before the last days of this world... why b/c then the game would end. Now from which of the sects do you portray Islam. Getting difficult hey!!!

3. So one may ask, How do these idiots have a clue what they are doing or worshipping... Simple! Very Simple.

4. Allah either reveals himself to man [ and Jinn ] or the magnificance of the creator is left hidden. And how? The individual have any possible belief that there is a creator and to search for the light.

5. Further your notes on the Jinn are misleading, b/c there are good jinn and bad ones like man.

6. Man and jinn were created for the recognition of the creator Allah [ Man = 51% good potential and 49% bad and jinn vice versa

7. Sexualilty is encouraged in Islam within the confines of marriage etc etc.

8. what is promised to the Muslim in the hereafter makes these sacrifices of this world seem petty and thus the Muslim is prepared to give up all of it b/c the blankets of this world are removed from over his eyes.

9. Ackowledgement of stupidity of man an wisdom of the creator is the point where man becomes wise.

10.Satan was close to God and knew more about the creator than the other angels, but his as well as man's arrogance led to his failure.

11. Be frank with me here on this point, it takes more than the average man to understand you reasoning fully or any other argument on the purpose of life, so what is the condition of the man who isn't bright enough or the millions of them, do the stupid get left behind, is this just -

12. There are thousands theories to life but I stick with the most practical one and that is the one that teaches me :
how to eat, sleep, clean, conduct business, have sex, attain contentment and happiness,etc etc

but most of all : answers every question that a self rightious, arroagant man can ask and it makes perfect sense - but only when you sincerely want to be shown.

Re: Incomplete impure Koran of untrustworthy Muhammed

For a laywer you write very unclearly and poorly, it is hard to follow what you're talking about on most your points. I will address the ones that made sense:

1. Just because someone is not a qualified expert in something doesn't mean that their logic is not true. You need to address the /arguments/ of the page.

2. All sects of Islam use the same basic combinations of texts, this doesn't seem relevent at all, but even seems to highlight the truth that no sect has entirely correct or complete text.

3. What idiots?
4. Meaningless.
5. OK, point taken, I should correct that.
6. Irrelevent.
7. Irrelevent, religious superstition.
8. Irrelevent, religious superstition.
9. Irrelevent.
10. Religious superstition, same basic belief as other Abrahamic religions.
11. Meaningless.
12. Irrelevent. However, I personally stick to the ones that are most logical, most true. I actively search for truth, I do not sit around "waiting to be shown" like a mindless sheep, believing whatever I've been told or shown.

I think point 1 was the only really important point you made, however, if you think the sources are poor then it should be easy for you to show me/us/the world that the Muslim scriptures are not inherently broken, and written by mankind, the same as the Chrsitian scriptures are, and therefore refute some of the arguments given on the page.

Don't worry about being anon., I don't expect all responders to sign up to use Live Journal.

the demonisation of ISLAM (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)


Well ... Well... Well.. Dear Satan,

I am very happy to visit your website and having a VERY good time pass to read your funny stories. "BUT" I CAN TELL YOU THE REALITY. WHAT YOU THINK, YOUR PROPAGANDA IS FOR ALWAYS? THIS IS THE WAY OF "HELL". DON'T WORRY YOU WILL KNOW SOON ABOUT FAITH.



Sura 53, Verses 19-20 of the Qur'an

I am absolutely appaled to see a comment like Muhammad declared the three pagan gods of Mecca valid intercessors!! Have you read this sura and the verses that you have so confidently quoted? God states "Have you then considered the Lat and the Uzza, and Manat, the third the last?" He goes on to say to the people worshipping these gods in verse 23 of the same sura: "They are naught but names which you have named, you and your fathers: Allah has not sent them for any authority. They follow naught but conjecture and the low desires which (their) souls incline to: and certainly the guidance has come to them from their Lord"

Here it is clearly stated that these gods were mere mortals, that their souls were driven by natural human urges and that theywere guided by a higher power. I don't see how you can say that Muhammad recited this verse when he was surrounded by the pagans, and declared the 3 gods true intercessors!

It is absolutely ridiculous as is your reasoning behind the unreliability of the Qur'an. The entire Qur'an was compiled within decades of Muhammad's death, and during the reign of the First Caliph the Qur'an in it's entirety was ready. Perhaps you would refer to a book called "The Bible, the Qur'an and Science" by Maurice Buccaile. He has explained the history surrounding the Qur'an.

Re: Sura 53, Verses 19-20 of the Qur'an

I just come across this web site. It is very interesting. I just read the comments on Logic and GOD prepared by Vexen guy. I noticed that there is a guy popped out of nowhere like an angel and presented a very convincing proof that our beautiful universe definitely has a creator. (He is interpreting a collection of Risale- NUR answering all the questions) I suggest you first to read his comments and make a decision by yourself. Now I am suggesting these arguments on logic and God to everybody. Even in my deep inside I feel convinced by easing off all my doubts. That angel like guy definitely won over Vexen and his ideas but he is not like that. He only proves that God is the creator of all creations. You can put forward your questions about Satan as well. I am sure he will answer you very convincingly on Logic and God web site.

take care


your understanding of Islam is as shallow as a puddle of water on the road.Islam is not what you think it seems it is.If you it ture , why is it then ohe fastest growing religion in the world ?Its your perception and thinking that has been led astray by your highly profiled eso,self-denial and conceission.

Islam as far i know is all positive religion that practices all things good natured.Its you ,the ugly side of you that makes you have the said negative impression of Islam.

God Almighty


Fastest growing Religion?

Have you looked at the countries where Islam is predominant? In MOST of the countries that are predominantly Muslim the people are impoverished and illiterate. In countries like Saudi Arabia, only a handful of the Royal family and their cronies have wealth. In the U.S., many of the "Muslim" converts are convicts and converted to Islam while in prison.

BTW, I see the box to check spelling, but apparently very few posters choose to use this as I have seen some terrible spelling in some of these postings.

How dare u...

Mr. Crabtree, I would like to know where u got the info about the 3 pagan idols & Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) even considering them as valid intercessors. What u write is complete rubbish. How dare u write about someone who u have no proper info about. Every single muslim knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Prophet would rather die than even think of the idols as intercessors, let alone say it to the polythiests. Allah will surely put u in the worst of hell unless u repent. And dont try to interpret the Quran, u dont even believe in God.
The entire Quran was correctly compiled. Not even 1 letter is misplaced. Thats the beauty of it. Allah has said in the Quran that he will protect it whereas the Bible & other books will become corrupt & this has been proved due to the innumerable amount of mistakes in the bible.
Since u satanists believe in Science, why dont u look at some of the scientific miracles mentioned in the Quran 1400 yrs ago which have come true just now? The Quran tells us how the Universe Originated, about human embryo, about Mountains, rain, etc... Go to http://www.fortunecity.com/marina/commodity/1089/id55.htm for more details. Did u know that there is a sea that has both sweet & salty water separated by an invisible barrier as said in the Quran. This has also been proved.
Do u think life is mere play? That we will not be held 2 account for our good & bad deeds? What is the purpose of life? Do u really beieve in the theory of evolution? That all that exists has merely "evolved" rather than Created? Allah says he has even put the tips of our fingers perfectly in the Quran. We're now using fingerprints 2 catch crooks!
How beautiful is the universe! So many billions of stars! Have they just evolved from the big bang? Well, how was everything before the big bang? Only Allah knows! And in Him we place our Faith.
You urself have stated somewhere in ur site that the best person 2 ask abt a religion is the follower of that religion. Eg, ask a chistian about christianity or even a satanist about satanism. Well, are you an idiot to expect people to believe a satanist on his opinion of Islam? All ur info on Islam is Wrong. Get ur sources checked. No one hates anyone more than a liar. If u want 2 research Islam, go 2 some proper Islamic sites, not satanic ones. Since satanists are so open minded, check out some real Islamic sites. Just type "Islam" in any search engine & bingo! U have loads of real Islamic sites.
I dare u to reply to this Mr. Crabtree.


good read

Have you read http://www.prophetofdoom.net/

You really must, it proves beyond a shadow of doubt what islam really is.
using Ishaq's traditions, as written by tabari, hisham, muslim, etc. there really is no way any muslim can refute this.
Once read, you will know what muslims really don't want you to know, and that many don't know themselves.

it's in chronological order as well, which shows the truth of how mohammad (Mohamet) lived.

Re: good read

Ishaq:414 “If you kill us, the true religion is ours. And to be killed for the truth is to find favor with Allah. If you think that we are fools, know that the opinion of those who oppose Islam is misleading. We are men of war who get the utmost from it. We inflict painful punishment on those who oppose us…. If you insult Allah's Apostle, Allah will slay you. You are a cursed, rude fellow! You utter filth, and then throw it at the clean-robed, godly, and faithful One.”

I've never seen such a shallow interpretation of Islam and Qur'an. This is even funny to see how some people can be ignorant and with their ignorance based on zero research and no objectivity try to convince people about how they are "right".
Go back to school buddy and learn something useful for yourself instead of making laugh people with your insanities and below-poor arguments.

Make sure then talk...

Are you sure that quran isn't complete????
Lsiten visit websites and read aout quran then you can talk if you have a proof..OK

All disbelievers will go to Hell

If you think you have studied about Prophet Muhammad and the Koran and know anything about God, then your article is your own contradiction. If you really and sincerely want to learn the truth about the miracle of the Koran, go to www.submission.org, read, understand, repent and be on the right path. God has given us the freedom of choice, to go to heaven or go to hell. You decide where you want to go. Peace.

'impure/untrustworthy koran'-comment response

Mr Crabtrees article has too much of a bitter taste to it. Even though the core idea of it is true. Even Muslims, Islamic historians & scholars agree that much of what material became the Koran & Hadith were omitted & edited by Mohammeds successors & Muslims of authority. Some soften the blow of this 'revelation' by believing these editors were in positions of trust to do so. Others accept imperfection as a result of oral tradition, translation, recorded intervention, etc. & do not believe it to impaire living ones life as a good Muslim. Others use it as a beating stick. But what confounds a lot of people about Muslims when posed with even REASONABLE questioning about doubts & disagreements with their Faith & history?
In the simplest forums "F*ck Y*u, S**t***d!" is a freqent response to the raised question, "You poor little lost lamb, I will pray for" sometimes gets in there. As an example in the extreme, there IS persecution in Islamic countries of Muslims who DO believe that the Koran & the Hadith are both incomplete through edit & omission proving (and I MEAN proving) an Islams/Muslims-own belief of 'imperfection' due to historic editing & omission by even the well-meaning stewards of the faith.
But enter the mainstream erm,thinker, believes the words (confused with the Faith, & never mind the conduct as interpreted by either) as being perfect, before, now & forever...where even reasonable facts & theories produced by gentlest critics, the most casual observers, are judged to be poisoned-tongued, their very ideas beating sticks against the real believer.:"They aren't the same as us,& don't or can't understand.They can't be honest, can't comprehend. Their faculty for honest reasoning is at fault. And If they ARE one of us-far worse the crime, you are kicked out of the fold ,you're the 'untrue' sort." Surely one of your OWN can criticise without the 'outsider' brand?
(Notice the lack of the word muslim in the last paragraph, for the blanks can be filled in for folk from each religion.)
Were being told Islam is the fastest growing religion(Oddly others say it's catholisism, and to the horror of some -WICCAN PAGANISM!) "God forbid!", for want of a better phrase, as it seems notoriously bad as a god sent religion/way of life for coming to terms with is warts-&-all, its faults, its flaws, it imperfections, and its wrongdoings when presented with them. In all religion/politics/society there is condemnation of kith & kin for the call for reflection of self & religion/politics/history. Deaf ears and Blind eyes are turned. As for Muslims, you're starting to have your turn too, even at the propmting of your own people...They are asking for & are finding the facing of ONES OWN demons called for somewhere in the Koran & getting attacked simply for saying that there are too many deaf ears, blind eyes,-& hooked hands- attending Mosques.

The Mandaeans had something to say about Mohammed. His behavior seems to contradict claims that Mohammed was a peaceful man.
I will tell you, (O ye ) priests who live in the Arab age, (of that which occurred) before the Son-of-Slaughter , the Arab, went out and prophesied as a prophet in the world so that they performed circumcision like Jews and changed sayings - for he is the most degraded of false prophets. Mars(God of War) accompanieth him because he is the Seal of prophets of the Lie, (although) the Messiah will appear after him at the end of the age! I will inform you, Nasoraeans, that before the Son-of-Slaughter, the Arab, emerged and was called prophet in the world and Mars descended with him, he drew the sword and converted people to himself by the sword.

The Haran Gawaitha of the Mandaeans continues: "Thus, before the appearance of the Son-of-Slaughter, the Arab, the Christian, Idumaean, Jewish, Hurdabaean and Dilbilaean peoples became many."

Muhammed was a valid prophet and a final one

Peace be on you all

If anyone believes in the Bible or not the story is that its not compleate, jesus made that clear and the Qur'an (bible) was to be compleated for mankind, to guide them.

Believeing in God, the God of mother nature, the laws of the universe and the law and connecting with God means you practice what was revieled unto mankind from angels to men, so men can be guided, this are known as commandements, which in reality guide people to a good conscience, simply not killing, steeling, etc. and most of all worshiping false Gods, Gods ceration or peoples own.

Muhammed's Goal (PBUH) was simply to destroy the idols in mecca and return it back to the way of Abraham who was neither Jew or Christain, the history of this Jihid (struggle) was written for a record for all mankind to realize what evil some polythiests become, like outgrown children willing to kill for objects they worship ranging from one they attached supersticiions too or have valued in trade (money, gold etc).

Now if anyone understood the above, and looked back into the bible with Noa, Abraham, Moses, Jesus , they will find no deference in the way God dealt with Muhammed's enemies.

The Bible is finished in Arabic becuase jesus was rejected! Jesus (PBUH) who was a christ (annointed one aka massiah) was to lead the children of israel, the very same people who where the children of Abraham and delivered from slavery in egypt to te promise land., but they decided that there books where greater then god's word, infact they called others who where not jews (judah) vermon in there babylonian talmud, and later in there other talmuds called jesus a liar and his mother a whore., it goes on that shows a clear practice of SATANIISM there., jesus had refered to them as the children of SATAN!.

One thing to remember is that the only religion mentioned in the bible (old testament/torah and gospal) is islam submission, there is nothing jewish or christain in the bible at all, nothing!
The way to pray is by bowing your face on the floor and that is the only way to worship one god, and to deny one god is satanism and racist, means you dont accept other human biengs as yourself.

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Redundant and hypocritical.

Why even begin to debate the credibility of a text thats founded on a non credible source, God, which you have so eloquently debunked? The only explanation I see in your redundancy and hypocrisy is that you're really a disgruntled Christian who turned to Satanism in rebellion against a religion that must have failed you. In doing so, you've been able to theraputicaly dismantle God and religion but still hold on to your ignorance and lack of tolerance your former religion instilled in you. This is evident in this work. If Allah doesnt exist, how can the Koran be inspired by His enemy? It seems to me your essays are only as good as your sources, and by looking at your sources in this work here its obviouse why this essay is so shallow and uninspired. And now looking back at your other essays (which I really did enjoy) I now see why I did enjoy them. Thanks for the book refrences, about all what this site was good for. I'm off to the bookstore.

Re: Redundant and hypocritical.

Unfortunately for your theory, I've never been a Christian, none of my relatives were Christians, and I've never been to Christian school or anything like that. I never "turned" to Satanism from any other religion, but accepted that Satanism best describes my beliefs after I studied various religions out of curiosity.

I value truth, and will debate and fight for it. As such, I 'dismantle' all religions, Islam, Christianity, etc... the more that religious people debate with me, the more webpages I produce on a subject.

You say my psychology is "evident in my work", but in reality it's only your mental confusion and assumptions that are evident in *your* reasoning. Rather than accept the text I've wrote, you've resorted to trying to "figure out" the messanger. Pop-psychology assumptions have been your weapon, and they've backfired on you.

Allah doesn't exist, neither does Satan, the Christian God, or any other god. We're all alone; life is love, and apart from that there is only death and the void of a cold, black universe.

The Koran was inspired by human delusion and passion; it was the misguided creation of the circle of devotees to Muhammad, despite his command never to write down his words.

One last point... ALL thought is only as good as it's sources. Think of that, when you think of WHO wrote down the Koran, and WHY!

i pity you

This is addressed to the ignorant and the stupid one ,who doesnot even have the proper knowledge of islam and yet has the audacity to write such nonsense. but remember one day u will be answerable to Allah for your words and deeds. we muslims laugh at you and feel sorry for you if Quran was really the handiwork of satan then why is he telling us to seek Allah`s protection against him!! and practice regular charity, donot kill innocent ones,stay away from evil. i mean why is satan inviting everyone to do good and not evil!! he is making Gods work easier. and as to quran being im pure Allah has cast an open challenge for anyone in the universe to try to imitate even a single surah in the Quran.and by the way the very meaning of the word islam is 'peace'. oh and please refer to the book '100 most influential men in history' and you will find the name of Muhammad (pbuh) at the top. you should research thoroughly and have full knowledge of the subject before writing it down please do that.

Re: i pity you

I agree with him. Crabtree is talking craps. Totally ignorant about Islam. Just because the bible is corrupted, he wants to get even by making all sorts of silly allegations against the Quran. He is just exposing his own stupidity.

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sad and misleadind text

vexen you soul has been touched by the devil you sad person get a life loser

From my perspective, you make a good logical argument that the Koran cannot be trusted. My perspective is that of a devout Christian. I came to the same conclusion as you, but by a different means. That is, the Koran denies the fundamental truth of Christianity, that is that Jesus, the Son of God, was crucified, suffered and died as a final perfect sacrifice for our sins. He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, showing us that Satan and death have no power over those that accept him as their Lord and Savior. He is awaiting the time, known only by God, to return and sit in judgement of the entire world. Satan used and is using Islam to turn people away from Jesus, who said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the father but by me." 98 percent or more of the Koran looks like its from God, but that last small percentage is enough deception and lie to accomplish Satan's purpose.

> 98 percent or more of the Koran
> looks like its from God, but that
> last small percentage is enough
> deception and lie to accomplish
> Satan's purpose.

Isn't the Bible in exactly the same boat? Even if 98% of a text was from God, people would still use it for both good and evil.

The books of the Bible were chosen, out of hundreds of texts and books, by Human beings, and as long as Human beings are imperfect, compilations like the Quran and The Bible will only ever be "a percent" of perfection.

Your logic applies to both the Bible and the Quran, and it seems irrational to me, as an outsider to you, that you pick one rather than the other.

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