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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Religion of the flesh


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Americans... you need to overcome your American nature!


Being a Canadian who moved to the U.S.A. (not out of my own choice), and living in Southern California for many years now, I believe this concept is a bit too hopeful for the average American.

Good essay though. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Where in Southern California?

I know quite a few non-American Americans... I think cultural outsiders do tend to draw themselves together, and frequently have more in common with each other than with anyone in their own culture.

This sounds similar to something Empiress said about mystics... "I have more in common with mystics from other religions than the "mere followers" in my own"

(But I can't remember what word she used for "mere followers": something nicer than and more considerate than I'm capable of coming up with automatically, but I translated it as "mere followers")

Where in Southern California?

--Anaheim/Orange County. San Diego (currently). I also lived in Oregon and N.Y. for a short time.

I know quite a few non-American Americans... I think cultural outsiders do tend to draw themselves together, and frequently have more in common with each other than with anyone in their own culture.

--Yes, it's true. It could also be that my father was from Germany though, that I alwasy saw myself as an outsider moreso; he said Americans discriminated against him when he was younger. It kind of made him a rebellious person, and that rebelliousness rubbed off on me.

So all of my life I've identified more with the outsider and the rebel, I suppose.


Is there any chance that you are related to the Reverend Katherine Jane Crabtree who is the High Priestess of the Temple of LyLyth Just curious please let me know when you have a chance
please contact Darkness99@collegeclub.com

thanks bye

lj-cut these things in the future please...

Oops, sorry Hawx... yeah it needed cutting!

Very interesting! I need to take a little more to read it all the way through, but so far, these I thoroughly enjoy [they stood out to me as I skimmed along]:

Move your body like a machine. Train your body.
Do not be a fat American or one of the increasing numbers of fat English.
Do not be a physically weak computer user.
Take on the world
Do not complain about that which you can change yourself
Never underestimate the important of love and friendships
Do not let false, theoretical love fool you
Do not let psychic vampires masquerade as friends
Love yourself
Eat good food, eat balanced food, drink water
Do not let smoke, drugs or alcohol consume you
Promote ridicule of dogmatic thought, promote doubt and scepticism, promote rational self interest, promote the technological age. Science and technology are necessary!
Human beings need to transcend culture, to learn the ways of others
Know your weaknesses.
Humanity is not represented by the Cross of the Christians, nor the star and crescent of the Muslims! Both are blasphemies against Human Nature, one glorifies sacrifice of another for our own sins, the other signifies the absolution of our will and submission to an ideal.
Even though times have changed, and always will, man remains basically the same. For two thousand years man has done penance for something he never should have had to feel guilty about in the first place.

I hope you don't mind that I added you to my friends list. Apparently we have several 'interests' in common. :)

hope you don't mind that I added you to my friends list

No problem... where in CA are you?

Napa Valley, in northern CA. :)

Abrahamic religions ae responsible for half of the bloody misery in this world.

Look to Hinduism. Gandhi-ji never killed anyone . . .


Interesting comments re a new religion. It is true that we are an animal and that collective philosophies like communism and strict religions are far from conducive to the survival of the individual. Indeed it is for these reasons that they partially fail. However from my limited understanding of satanism it seesm the reverse may be true, that the pursuit of self gratification may be harmful for the collective, for man is both an individual and a social being and the collective and the individual are both vital to the continuation of the species and for progress. One does not outweigh the other in importance. Also it is impossible to prove or disprove the existance of God though I do not have a great deal of time for organised religions of any sort. The faults of organised religion however re not the faults of God (if it exists.
In conclusion I think that your description of a new religion shows one thing clearly that they all take a certain aprt of human characteristics and act as if they are the whole story. Humanity is a set of contradictory (apparently) 'natures' and Satanism is an expression of one part of it, it is not the whole story. Religions therefore are not the way forward because they exclude other aspects of the whole picture.

"and Christianity has failed because our sins are NOT absolved by anyone else than ourselves, and Islam has failed because we cannot submit ourselves to the will of a God that does not exist."

Who told you Christinaity has failed? Get some statistics and then speak. Otherwise your words don´t mean a thing.
You mention God and then say it doesn´t exist. How could you mention Him then in the first place?

You are a creation, you could not become even a demon. It is not your nature. You are a worshipper and you decide where to turn your worship to. Be clever and don´t read with the liver but with the mind and the heart.

Christianity failed a long time ago, friend, and it's about time the herds of humanity dropped the pointless slave mentality and moved forwards - if they can - into a more honest world.

I have lots of statistics. I know that once, everyone thought the world was flat. Science proved them wrong. Once, intelligent and honest scientists dared question religious beliefs. Guess who were wrong? Historically, statistically, science and truth have always triumphed, eventually, over religion and gods.

I can also mention flying pink elephants, Cthulu, tooth fairies, angels, demons and a 2-sided triangle, but just because I mention them doesn't mean they exist, fool! God is yet another of these abstract human inventions of the imagination that is illogical, pointless and misleading.

So, when the Apostle John, by the divine guidance of Jesus, ordered him to write the Book of Revelations in the Bible, are you saying he was on drugs, insane, or had a wild imagination?? Well, no matter what you think, Revelations is real and it's coming. It first pertains to the churches and what state they are/were in. We are in the final church age (where the church subcombs to your type of thinking)... actually predicted many, many, years ago by Jesus through John. Also, Jesus told us in Matthew 24, to look for the signs of his coming again (the rapture). The signs are here baby! Look out! He's coming! Too bad you will be "Left Behind" ... with the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.

Left Behind

"Left Behind", is that what Christianity today as come to? Quoting mindless slogans from christians commercialism pop-culture books and movies. Jesus never taught this crap. You are merely a product of a evangelical herd mentality, I don't even think most whom think like you really follow Jesus of Nazareth, nay, you are Pailians and commcerialians masquerading as followers of Jesus of Nazareth.

I do sympathize though, I was once amongst your herd of pop-culture/commercialized modern maintream evangelical/charismatic/fundamentalist false Christianity.
Thank REASON I have broken free of it. I am still on that road of self-and world/others discovery.
Though i don't neccaserily agree w/ALL in pop culture Satanism, nor neccaserily even w/all I have read on Vexens site,etc, and I have trouble w/the concept of magic{since it would require faith in my opinion to actually practice it and spend money on the tools needed to apply it when I have seen no "proof" of it's reality}, I am still a developing demon{muse and knowledge/inspiration carrier} satan{adversary} and Lucifer{light bearer}, and I am still becoming;

I ma not intentionally trying to hurt you as individuals{christians}, I know you not and feel no personal animosity towards you, but having spent years as part of the system you are part of, I know you are misinformed about the word,world religions,science,psychollogy,history,etc,and even your own religion.

So I firmly proclaim the true god to be "REASON", and for me that is my own "reason", henc eit is myself. If a Designer/Creator exists, it designed the facult yof common sense/reason, and that beeing the only thing I can comprehend as a god, I worship my "reason".

"There is no greater weapon against errors of any kind than Reason, I have never used any other and I trust I never shall"-Thomas Paine{ U.S. founding father and Deist}.


In Reason:
Bill Baker


I stumbled across this website, when i was just wasting time on the internet. And thats exactly what you all are doing with your lives. Wasting them... I've spent about 20 minutes reviewing your so-called religion and it is so assanine that i cant believe how you people try to base your existence off of what some high school dropout (LaVey)says is naturalistic or free from hypocrisy. this religion is based on giving into your carnal desires. Well how are you supposed to better yourself. Discipline is an important part of life and should be practiced. If everyone just did whatever they wanted to do, whenever they felt like it. This world and our entire exsistence would destroy itself. I hope you all can ponder what i've said. I'm by no means a bible beater. I'm just an educated man with insight i thought you should mill over. Just a little food for thought.

God is merciful and He does care. Satan has deceived you.

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