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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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It's been 6 monthes (yep!) and I still love London :-)

I even still like Lewisham area... I think there's something wrong with me :-)

I love roads, walking, buses, tubes. *sigh smile* It just *works* for me :-)

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A lot of us are jealous, you know.

--At least those of us who live in Southern CA.

Judging from my love of large cities I probably am insane in some way, so perhaps your jealousy if of those people who are insane and can dispence with reality and replace it with a deluded love for romance... even when that aesthetic pleasure is derived busy streets, endlessness and blackened sprawl of the world's most London-esque city.

Of course describing London as London-esque is probably an understatement, but it does serve to highlight the difference between London-as-real, and London-as-Vexen-romantically-sees-it, which is London-esque.

nup, sorry. i still love tree'z;~}

Lots of trees in London... not as many per house as St Albans though! I live near a park where Jamie (housemate) and I went tree climbing! I've walked in massive Parks near London Zoo and through the nice Hyde Park... but, in between all these parks is miles and miles of anti-squirrel concrete... but I think grays have always been more inner-city than reds!


Fascinating :-)

I sooo wish I'd have been there! (With gas mask and camera and Live Journal)

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