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The morning after the night before

The morning after the night before...

in my case, after the Sluts meet, "the long morning hours..."

18Hz, did you get back ok?

My journey went fine, got bus to Lewisham and walked to Lee from there (not because there weren't any buses, but because I thought it would be nice, and it was). But arrived home to find that I'd forgotten my keys.... so, 5 long, cold and wet hours later camped in the porch in the front of my house, Penny finally awoke and read my TXT msg and rescued me.

I thought actually that it would be nice to sit in the porch and watch the cars and people go past... and the cats, mice and rats too. And read my current book! "C of E: The State It's In" by Monica Furlong, which has become my favorite book both about the Church of England and about the state of the wider Christian churches in England in general. I've got it on loan from Lewisham Library.

OK... so, I haven't slept on Wednesday night or Thursday or Thursday night, was denied caffeine since 5pm Thurs on account of going to the sluts meet and then finding myself self-locked-out. But I did go for a jog and a few brisk walks when taking a break from reading, in order to stay warm, so I'm revitalized and am planning on staying up all day Friday! If I continue, I will break my studentVexen record for non-Sleep.

The crazy world of Vexen Crabtree...
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