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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Sex, Sexuality and Satanism

Sex, Sexuality and Satanism

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especially when oppressed by Christians who also want to be seen as good

--Haha. I can relate to this. I once had a Christian "love-interest." It was the most horrific experience I've ever had with the opposite sex. He also rejected me because I wasn't a "virgin!" Bwahahah. Can you believe it.

Well, not to make this comment just about myself, but I'm reflecting on some of the issues you spoke about.

Extreme sexual repression is INDEED unhealthy. It creates all sorts of mental problems as well.


This is hilarious. I laughed out loud imagining you pretending to be Christian just to fool him.

I totally agree with you, what's you name again I forget? but yeah I so agree with you just because I want to and I don't know i am just going on and on so yeah I totally agree with you!! your fucking awsome

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Re: Gay Satanic Groups

i am curious, growing up catholic was fine for me for awhile, but the older i got, there were toomany regulations. realizing i was gay was not a foothold into the door of christianity. the way i look at that, how can he be a god when he does not accept a whole group of us , who initially did not want to be this way. now i accep[t myself, if my christian god does not that is his problem, not mine. if there is a religion out there that accepts me bring it on andy

this page

I was just surfing the net and found this page.Curious about santanism and the religion behind it all.This religion and the beliefs that support it our probally the only thing i can clearly understand and the only thing i would honestly follow.I dont believe people should go by what society see's as the "right way".Their is no right way ....life just brings you on differnt roads....and each decision you make takes you their.And you should live life to its fulest...and not worry about what others think of you and your actions.

Re: this page

If life is all about you, then what is our purpose;ourselves?...sad. What was first ; life or love?

what can I say?

I am startled, I am gay and started my self development journey in New Age kind of works.... and have become very fed up with it. And I thought I was alone on my conclusions about new age and gay movement (I hate gay pride!!! pride is for those who are not happy about themselves!!) kind of beliefs and behavior, but it seems I was a satanist without even knowing it!! well, people who are happy about themselves, what they are and what they like, are not concerned about other peoples judgements or beliefs, so they can be what they are without the need of judging others or try to see themselves as the only perfect beings... as most gay people do! they take gay trends and tastes as a way of self-assuring themselves they are as good as other people. thanks vexen for helping me making clear so many feelings I had never organized and expressed this way! keep on doing your good work!


satanism n sex

"...the Satanist would not intentionally hurt others by violating their sexual rights. If you attempt to impose your sexual desires upon others who do not welcome your advances, you are infringing upon their sexual freedom. ... If all parties involved are mature adults who willingly take full responsibility for their actions and voluntarily engage in a given form of sexual expression - even if it is generally considered taboo - then there is no reason for them to suppress their sexual inclination."
Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible pp70

You do accept that Satanism is about freedom and doing anything what you may desire but taking a look at the quoted paragraph, it obviously says that a Satanist will NOT intentionaly hurt anyone and that they do allow for a sexual freedom of others.
I see a corrupt Satan that has a very humane side of his personality. People that are involved in forced sex, rapes and things like that appear to be much willilng in their display of power and arrogance compared to Satanists. Suppose a Satanist has no option but to engage in sex even if it's incestous and forced.. are there any VALID reasons that will prevent him from doing that? Either "Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible "'s definition of Satan is incorrect or even Satan is bound to some rules which sounds utterly ridiculous.

Re: satanism n sex

Is their anybody out there who does ot agree with this consent thing?
Is their anybody out there with detailed knowloedge about Incubis and mapopobawa?
Plz contact mr.sucker@hotmail.com

There are only two roads

I am not religious but nature and the world around us definitely tells us that there is only two roads. There is chaos or order. Order is the balance in equillibrium of all things whether it be the temperature of our bodies, the PH of our blood, animal populations (which fluxuate), or the economy with its cyclic cycles. Order has self sustaining properties.... properties that give life... it is chaos that is destructive that does not know how to stop... it absorbs energy until it destroy's it self....

Hericlitus, the Greek poet and philosopher said that "not even the sun can exceed due measure."

What many religions, cultures, societies call "sin" or "morals" are born from the will to live in a self sustaining environment. To much sex has been proven to cause lack of self steem in men but specially in women... too much food makes us fat and many other deseases... etc. It is deiscipline, or temperance that brings us to live longer. Thus being moral is a matter of wanting to live not a matter of pleasing others, society, or staying out of trouble.

satan sacrifices children and makes their witches drink their blood, it violates sexually and physically the children of those who serve him, he serves no one but himself and will use you and destroy you. He is disorder and destruction .... no blessings will come out of serving him. Even whatever short term powers he throws you end up destroying you while you have them as he brings demons to empower you and destroy you from within... serve satan and guarantee only that he will destroy you... Satan is the chaos in this world that will not stop until he devours you and if he were to succeed he would devour and destroy himself.


Re: There are only two roads

chaos isn't always destructive. it can be the pleasant surprise of walking into a bookstore and finding a lost love.

it can be the water that comes and dries a parched land.

it can be the wind cools the cheeks in the heat of summer

Satan can be many things, an inverse to Pan the God of All,
he is not only destructive, he can be inquisitive, sensuous, savage, and merciful and more

I don't hate satanists just because hatred is a too hard feeling..

Satanists are extremely ignorant idiots!!!!

Satanism, your so-called "religion" was created in the late 1960's by a drug-addled latent homosexual who wore a stupid red devil suit, stuck a few black candles up his sorry ass, and wrote a book of complete lies.
Actor George Clooney is now the "high priest" for the cult o' GATAN and those who would follow a pancake makeup wearing hollywood actor truly deserve the punishments of eternal hellfire.

Re: Satanists are extremely ignorant idiots!!!!

don't be so foolish

Re: Satanists are extremely ignorant idiots!!!!

Wow, this guys is speaking of Satanists being Ignorant, and the book being full of lies?
I think I shall call this guy a hypocrite. If he is stating that the Satanic Bible is a book of lies and that all Satanists are ignorant then he must be a Christian/Catholic. Only they judge so harshly and unknowingly! You sir, are a fucking hypocrite. You wanna talk about lies, read the fucking bible. Most use it as a weapon and to control others, and being ignorant... well that would be your entire religious beliefs, damning people to hell just because of who they were born to be, and just because you don't nor want to understand them. So fuck off, and go troll some place else!


Heavens!! You really think the Holy Bible is all lies? That God, the Most Compassionate Creator WROTE is lies?? ha ha you are a nut mate!!! This idea of Satanic religion following the Prince of Darkness and his ideas of a 'religion' created by the mind of man- Anton and his stupidity is nothing but utter theater production mixed with stupidity!! The devil is the FATHER of LIES, he is the deceiver and he is PURE evil!!

Sadly your soul is the cost and you are more than a hypocrite you are DUMB to begin with!!! May God have mercy on ALL of your souls, Satanists!!! I pray may God have mercy!!! May on your death bed when the demons come to carry your defenseless souls to torment that you REPENT and call: "Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God HAVE mercy on me a Sinner" to be saved at the end!!

I pity you all!!! IDIOTS!!! Thinking that this is a game!!! you are only good to swear and threat but you will fret at death- mark my words!!!

Orthodoxy is TRUTH- the bullshit of religious ideas is Satanism, Islam, Buddhism and the rest of "CREATED" ideas of a religious movement!!! Just like all the confusion under heretical Christian cults that have no basis of truth but pretend to know Christ. What is satanism really? A cult of DUMB people worshipping in truth the Prince of Darkness and all the evil passions and the darkness of this fiend!! The devil will kill and destroy he is the arch enemy not only to God but to man. He was the one who brought DEATH into the world!!! The MURDERER at the beginning!!

He is the one who brought VIOLENCE into the world!!! Why worship sin and be destroyed by the monster!!! The only issue you have with your weakness (gay, gambler, etc) is the cause you want to BLAME God you don't say thanks to Him but blame Him like Adam blamed God for Eve's actions. You have no idea about Christian Truths because you can't accept yourself!! You are a WEAKLING and hoping to worship the DEVIL- the FATHER OF LIES and the bullshit of the Satanic Book is going to bring you happiness and what else??? Identity??? when you literally 'hand your soul' over to the devil just like that!! You are DUMB mate!!! If you are GAY- God bless you. The Gospel of Love does not condemn but support. God is Love not hate, not evil not anything of negative nature for He is PURE LOVE. What is the Devil?? PURE EVIL something you are SO DUMB you take for granted and WORSHIP!!! YOU are deluded and need serious help!!

I expect with your reply will be full of threats, curses and what not LOL as its so expected because this is who you are a "Devil worshipper" you have no dignity, no idea of fellowship, love, nothing. You are a corpse walking and speaking. You stink of corruption so as you stink, you speak- poisoning everything in your path. Ha ha :-) I'm blessed :-) I speak my mind and the truth for my Teacher is our Lord, Jesus Christ- WHOM you will BOW down in worship IDIOT!!! Ha ha May God have mercy on your precious soul that's all I say!!! MERCY!!! Bye :-)

Sex, Sexuality and Satanism

I guess not all who post bother to read, or have any knowledge on the topic.
Satanism is a belief/religion/philosophy with a wide variety of flavors, but most forward in most of its expressions is a celebration of the individual, and a respect for individuals, at least for those individuals who strive to express themselves as themselves regardless of the prevailing society.
Freedom of expression rather than conformity is lauded.
That, of course would include sex, and not necessarily mean greater quantity of sex, but a greater sexual expression borne of what one specifically desires as sexual.
There is also the connection between sex and magick, this has long be called the "left hand path" and ascribed to Satan. Rightly so, as it is practical, powerful and useful, not just empty dogma.
Satanism,for the most part seeks to impart impetus to individuate, to be, to liberate, to actualise.
This is in direct opposition to most religions which seek to obscure, obfuscate, control, and blind their faithful to many of life's real truths. Serve unquestioningly and you will get your reward in the hereafter, they say. The Satanist realizes their rewards in the here and now.
The flocks get fleeced and turned into mutton no matter how good the shepherd.
Satanists pursue their own course, shepherding themselves, their by avoiding the shearer and the butcher.

What's the point of this?

So, ya after reading you site and comments, how does it justify being a homosexual?


Men can justify themselves being men. Women can do the same thing. Homosexuals?

A man can justify himself as being a man by standing up for a just cause. A woman can do the same by taking care of her children. (Women have children, men don't, I said it. Go look it up if you don't believe me.)
Homosexuals justify themselves by... Picking out clothes? ... Making themselves a desert? Thats is crap, men and women do this without having to think!

Gays are the glass mirror house as well as mainstream news, tv shows and other forms of entertainment. Built because of their unearthly shine and the fact they aren't not good at making money, they exist to corrupt. When this building breaks, it will shatter? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Re: In general

This sight as previous ones seem as a bizarre indigestion of ideologies not quite cohesive, not quiet coherent, disconnected, unaligned, lacking in affect, deliberately bewildered, without Vedanta!

Re: In general

This site, as previous ones, seems like a bizarre indigestion of ideologies: not quite cohesive, not quiet coherent, disconnected, unaligned, lacking in affect, deliberately bewildered, without Vedanta!


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