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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Good day at work! Worked on my own companies website a little, done a few "cascading" pages that we can set to automatically appear on web sites as necessary, and generally was productive. My RSI continues to be "ok" recently, has been for a few weeks. I am gradually stopping myself sitting in all those stupid positions and am naturally making sure I don't sit for too long in the same position.

I've been planning for my holiday in November with empiress, so that's dead exciting :-)

Been tidying my little cave... problem is everything is already in optimal position... so I've just been nit-picking.

I have old collections of things that I'm going to get rid of. Including 50 or so "White Dwarf" magazines, a few hundred old 8-bit Amstrad magazines, a whole section of fiction and adventure books that I haven't picked up or even browsed for 3 years. All to a charity/thurift shop, probably. Maybe I can do a competition for people to win the White Dwarves... I'm sure I can find something useful some geeks can do for me! I have 50 issues from WD number 126 up to 200 or so. Oh and I have to do something with my old Amstrad itself! Perhaps I should sell it on e-Bay!

Oh sorry I'm thinking aloud...


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