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Fashion is not about copy-catting the most "up-to-date" look you observe.

--Well, like they say..."Monkey see, monkey do."

And most people can't think for themselves (no offense to monkeys, as I much prefer the company of animals to human beings).

Yes. That's why some of us like to shop at little out-of-the way stores or once in awhile make our own clothes. (you can get very creative at a fabric shop!)


...or whatever you call the second-hand shop run by the salvation army in your country. I buy most of my clothes there, and my sister worked there for a while. It was close to nothing, I could fill several bags for the price of a single t-shirt. And when I was done with it, I just gave it back to them ;)

Ironically, all the really cutting-edge fashionable stuff is invariably wild and crazy and great. It's playful and designed to stand out, to make a statement, to challenge, to show off. The stuff you're talking about isn't so much fashion as the safe, lukewarm, highstreet version. Not fashion, but fitting in. Blending in, really. The change in look is irrelevant to the people who buy that stuff. They don't think about how great this collar is, say, or about the rightness of that proportion, the sensuality of the material, the images the clothes create.

All that matters is not standing out. If the herd changes colour, they must change colour to match it. Terrifying mindset really.

There's a paradoxical safety in fashion though; I find this interesting. If something is fashionable, the danger of difference is diluted and the wearer is 'safer'. Fashion justifies strangeness, backing it up with someone else's reputation or the obvious expensiveness of the garment; the privilege of wealth. (I often think a 'who do you think you are?' mentality is common in bad reactions to really wild clothes; a kind of class-based censure of that which would be accepted in the rich ... I need to articulate this better, I know, there's more I want to say but it's too late to try and pick through it.)

It's very hard to stand on your own, I think, without a designer's reputation to rely on. Making your own clothes ... it's enviable to express yourself in such a direct way.

I think at the time of writing (2 years ago) I was talking about (because this is what I still dislike most) things like Rayband sunglasses, armani jeans, ralph lauren shirts... stupidyly expensive clothes that only differ from other clothes in their label. This is undefendable, pointless, overpriced, exploiting our herd mentality... then again, I wouldn't so much mind being the one who does the exploiting... I just wish there was much less of a market for mediocrity, for "fitting in", I agree with you that it's best to make your own, or to make existing (cheap) clothes interesting.

"There's a paradoxical safety in fashion though; I find this interesting. If something is fashionable, the danger of difference is diluted and the wearer is 'safer'"

I agree, that's how it is, I just wish it wasn't like this. We (human species...) are crap enough as it is, without commercial interest encouraging us to consider only "same" as "safe", which ironically leads to an increasingly mindless society where "different" is seen as "dangerous", which is something a lot of us are all too aware of!

I might create a new rant on "Fashion", mind if I quote you?

Anytime :o) Make sure you post the link to livejournal though! *hug*

they're all posers

Ummm... I hate to object because I somewhat agree in what you had to say about fashion. The thing is that all you teenyboppers who run around saying that they want to look different appear to be idiots because they look like the 10 people waiting behind them to say the same damn thing. You shouldn't say that you're trying to be unique, you don't want to conform, you just don't believe that you have to wear what's being posted in magazines. No one is really different, except... maybe I am.

You make me sad.

Yeah many things you have said are true.

The truth is that we're all made to wear certain things subconsciously. The people "with" fashion for example are compelled to wear the latest styles and so on. Some other people pick out what they think looks good and wear that. Some other people purposely don't wear the popular stuff in opposition to it.

The real irony is that no-one has a choice in what they wear. The choice you do make is made up of many many sub-conscious thoughts. Everything you see, hear, smell and touch (and more) can influence what you wear the next year, or even the next day.

We can't help but to think different is dangerous. From the moment we wake to the moment we go to sleep every tv show, every song influences people. Not to mention that then those people influence each other. There's just way too much sub-conscious brainwashing going on to be immune to it.

And another point to note is although you can go out in public wearing a carpet... you wouldn't... unless wearing a carpet was a means to some end you were looking for.

Every scene, punk(real 70's punk, not that poser shit), goth, surf jocks, nerds, pop, techno, rave, etc. ALL have the people in the scene wearing the same things. Goth just happens to be different from anything else (though sometimes close to punk). But it is still mainstream goth. Which is fine. Mainstream of something that despises stupidity and upholds the "right" (open for discussion, thus creating more shit) morales is fine. And classifying is a mortal goth sin (so some say) so hang me lol. We ALL classify, we have no choice.

When i walk down the street and see someone dressed in teeny bopper clothes i will always classify them as teeny boppers. BUT i will give them every chance to prove otherwise through means of conveying their personality through conversation. That's all i can do. I can't stop something my brain automatically does.

Whichever way you take it, it's a discussion open up to a lot of debate... which always leads nowhere, but something is learned in the process sometimes...

So to leave you with a quote (which is the opinion i back, be it 'right' or 'wrong');

"He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice."

~ Albert Einstein ~

That is all... peace out


"a relaxant and a quiet control over the people around you."

I went out to be radical with clothes early in life, and it was not comfy. That was because of my own personal problems. I always wanted to be like everyone else, but I am not and never will. The only approach is to wear common clothes. So I nowadays I dress conform and boring. You see, I feel alien enough already, so wearing regular clothes makes me feel normal ;) (You can read my bio to see why I am not "normal".)

On the other hand, I dress up like a maniac once in a while, just to impress girls. I remember the period I was wearing black leatherpants. I got contact with the most beautiful blonde I ever seen that way. Maybe I should get me some satanic stuff like rings and look like good ole' Ozzy?

Would that work?

Marilyn Manson is to much of a "good" thing, me thinks. Does girls think he looks sexy? He's an android with no sex. I guess its the shock factor. Entertainment. Yeah, I noticed he was a member of COS.

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