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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Read essay online and leave comment here

  1. Subjectivism
  2. The Romantic Search for Truth
  3. Satan represents Doubt

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thats cool, i just dont read to much into books.

ive read all these books but they do not matter, its not what you have read, its what you can do.
i didnt get my info from any source but the self and the astral.
the energy that makes our kind, gave me this.
books are great, they are fun and entertaining.
but thats about all they are worth.

Search for knowledge, even in taboo places.
Enlightenment is the ability to look past stated truth and dogma.
To be blissfully ignorant of doubt is an easy way out, a self failure.
Without the wonderful element of doubt, the doorway through which truth passes would be tightly shut.

Yay to these! Except, can't people sometimes get a little too caught up in doubt? As in, doubting even something they think is 'the truth'? Seems like it could go on forever. (How do people know when to stop?)



i was wandering aimlessly in the corridor of life.... I was wondering how many people can recall a moment when they were TRULY happy and can replay it in their mind?
I have found this to be hard at the ageof 37 wich i think is a bit chronic, dont you?

Well written, but off Target

I really like the ideas presented in this article, but they are fostered on a very limited stereotype of Christians. In a nutshell, what I read says:

Christians have "faith" which is the antithesis of doubt. For someone to be intelligent, they must think. Thinking requires embracing doubt, therefore Christians are morons.

I've held this belief myself for quite a while and am now struggling to free myself of it. Looking down on Christians and denying God has kept me pretty miserable for the past several years. Recent events in my life caused me to review my beliefs. I prayed asking God to help me get past my doubt and hear Him. The next day, I came across this page. I'm only taking the first step, but if you are truly embracing "doubt" you also have to ask yourself if embracing "doubt" is wrong.

Re: Well written, but off Target

I'm only taking the first step, but if you are truly embracing "doubt" you also have to ask yourself if embracing "doubt" is wrong.

He spent time writing an essay on how doubt is not only right, but necessary, and then put it on his website. You think there is a chance in the non-existent hell that he'd suddenly believe the opposite or even that he hasn't already asked himself that question of it being wrong? Gimme a break. And give yourself a break. If you doubt something, don't bash your head into the wall about it; even if you WERE inculcated to believe in it as a child with the help of the merciless hell-fire nonsense! You doubt it b/c the intellectual side of your brain, along with your intuition, see how dubious it is. And thank the God that might not exist for that! :)

Ignorance could never be bliss if doubt reigned. I like that! :-) It's so true.


Hey, ever doubt your doubt?


hello, i'm spamilka


It appears that you struggle to accept that their is a God, rather you'd like to look within and try to empower your self, i'll tell you now that this way of thinking in a spiritual way is destructive and leads you on a lonely path that is not easy to leave. Lucifer or "Satan" is not who you thik he is you say he stands for intellagence and ideals and truth, but infact if you know as much about satan as you say you do then you'll know that "he" or "it" was first mentioned in the bible and therefore what the bible has to say about satan the truth, that its sole purpose is to lie, steal, cheat, destroy and manipulate. Any other delusions you night associate Satan with is nothing but an attenpt on your part to convince yourself of your blatant facination of Satanism.

Im warning you now, as a fellow member of one who has changed his perception on some of the most common of things that you tread a lonley and dangerous path.

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