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Four Crown Princes Of Hell

"The Four Crown Princes of Hell" by Vexen Crabtree

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hey if u want to continue with the hebrew sequence of names u should use the hebrew name for the morning star ,hel-el.the same desription applies to hel-el but without the lucifer ,diana wicca(stregeria)connection . Los

chancellor of hell

hey u should also use andra-melech(moloch)who is the chancellor of hell and unifier of the 4 princes and princedoms .this gives u the 5names applied to the pentagram .also u can use ana-melka the consort of andra -melech .then u have the hexagram version. los

Re: chancellor of hell

Moloch is in the list of Infernal Names in the Satanic Bible, but is not a Crown Prince.

i need to know more about this stuff for a reort if u can help that'd be kool, email thanx

well. this is a very interesting site. im sure nt going to diss it even thought i dont believe in this. I do witchcrAft.. and i do understand some points that were mentioned here. Fuck God and all his lil' Christian Lovers!

* christian Killer *

ive been told this is wrong

your setup of the 4 crown princes of hell is wrong im sure....and isnt satna lucifer the same person? from what ive seen satan was to the east......adn there was rpince called azazel? explain...

Re: ive been told this is wrong

From the Satanic Bible:

"Azazel - (Hebrew) taught man to make weapons of war, introduced cosmetics"

There are many different occult schemes for assigning vast numbers of demons and beings to various cardinal points, many diagrams and charts plotting such entities across the stars, but, this particular site is based on the very simple and elite selection of demons & princes as given by Anton LaVey and as ratified by the Church of Satan.

Read the page on Lucifer, it will explain how the Christians mistakenly came to consider Lucifer and Satan to be synonymous. Historically, they are different characters.

But in Satanism, these four crown princes represent natural forces, they're all basically the same thing: Reality.

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Re: ive been told this is wrong

No, Satan and Lucifer are two different entities altogether. Lucifer was actually an Arch Angel, basically Gods right hand man, and he let Pride get the best of him, and tried to overthrow Gods kingdom with about 1 third of the angels backing him, but in the end failed and was vanquished into what some would call hell, but under many beliefs into a realm hidden within our own which with some effort and knowledge they can actually be contacted and spoken with to gain knowledge. Satan on the other hand was actually another being created by God, and was suppose to be in charge of punishing sinners after death, though the two beliefs are that Lucifer later recruited Satan as one of his equals to claim a throne in hell, and the less common belief is that Satan isn't actually a demon of hell, but still a servent of God, and Lucifer mearly struck a deal with him where only followers of God who had sinned would be punished, and those who followed the path of Lucifer would be released into his control. It's a very complex system, which is more believeable is still in question by many, but that was the best I could do to answer that question, might be abit of info left out, but I simply tried to make this simple, but get the truth out.

you're already dead.

You are already dead if you trust in Satan. There is no good in him. He will lead you down into the black hole he dwells in with lost souls that scream for freedom. He will corrupt your mind. He will torment and kill your spirit. He is nothing but a liar. He wants you to feel sorry for him. And while you put so much effort into worshipping him and creating pointless and meaningless stupid sites about him, he's laughing in your face. Ispit on him and I will never follow him. Jesus Christ died for you so that you may live happiness forever and youslap him in the face like this? He went through hell and back for you. Shameless you are. But then again you are a satanist so of cousre you would be. I pitty you. I pitty your soul.

fellow soldier of the Lord almighty,

Re: you're already dead.

Jesus Christ? b*tch pleze.. hoe bout we put him on a steak and burn him? what the hell are you doing on this site anyways? huh angela? your dumb and you DONT understand anything that we believe in, and you never will.. you dont deserve it neways! people like you make me sick! go preach your bullsh*t somewhere else. we dont give 3 f*cks!!!!!!!!!!


Re: you're already dead.

Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess the Jesus Christ is Lord forever. Your boney knees will quack very soon, and MY God your creator and master will destroy your master very soon in front of your very eyes just before he hands his judgemental wrath down to you and the rest of the none-believers who choose to follow Leviathain and his evil ways that began in the garden.

Good luck with finding a rock to hide under! By the way repentance and our choices are all that seperates me from you, I choose to serve God and my Lord Jesus Christ you choose the losing team because it's easy and a popular choice. I'm a sinner saved by grace, covered in the blood of the Lamb. The sword of the Lord is against you satan and all of your followers

Re: you're already dead.

Hello Angela.

I am quite amused by your poor attempts to change one categorical beliefs into that of yours.

Funny, i'm actually writing a psychological philosophy currently on why it wouldn't work. I know I have mentioned this later on in this thread, but Chaos Magick i deceptive - and unfortunately, u have fallen play to it.

Ultimately, you are encapsulated and imprisoned by some sort of hierarchy that you understand not.. Simply is a door of perception that creates this platonic dogma from which you shall not stray.

The difference between a Satanist and a Christian, is not in the limitations of beliefs... but in the excercising of intellectual principles. I.e. A christian, please correct me if I am wrong, would not read a Satanist website or its contents. A Christian would simply criticise and philosophise about a concept put in front of them.

Satanists, however, have studied the Bible (or at least those who conduct the rants and litanies, have done so)and analysed it from a logical perspective. I am not sayin that one perspective is right, or one perspective is wrong... I am simply mentioning that the psychological analysis is something that is much different for Christianity that that for Satanism.

Object A: philosophies and intellectual concepts that operate on logic, mind, reason and tried/tested pratice,

Object B: philosophies and intellectual concepts that operate on humanitarian emotional structure and that of the irrational consciousness.

When both Objects are combined, one will result in Object C: complete and utter chaos. Debating is utterly pointless because of the psycho-philosophic differences between the two parties. If a Christian tried to debate on an Object A-type basis, they would lose. If a Satanist tried to debate on an Object B-type basis, they would certainly lose as well. Dante describes Satan at the centre of the Earth in a huge ball of Ice. I think that this was a particularly interesting and amazingly accurate insight into the future of Satanism, in metaphorical terms... I.e. Satanism is a cold philosophy. Unemotionless, but completely logical. Almost on the operating fields of a computer.

Therefore, I have one thing to say to you - and please remember this for the rest of your life.

You are wasting your time here. If you ever try to do this again, you will be wasting you time here. So fuck off and go suck Gods dick because I really couldn't care less about what you have to say you herd-conformist Christian cunt.

:D thank you!

Salem x

P.S. The thesis on Renovocism (the new psycho-philosophy I am writing) will be ready in due course, I will surely suggest the ideas to Mr. Crabtree... maybe it can be part of the Satanist ideals?

P.P.S. Shouldn't there be a Satanist festival for the 3 days that Jesus went to Hell?

Re: you're already dead.

Really now? Well first off, most people don't even worship Satan you fool. They look to him for guidance, for God is a tyrant, and Satan a liberator. Oih, the things you Sheep say is insanity, really, honestly, think about it for a minute. Erm... God vanquished Lucifer from heaven, Satan was recruited, etc, etc... These people are enemies of God, yet they're going to make those who appose God suffer and burn? Sounds a little contradictory there, why do a favor for your enemy? It's just mindless thinking if you ask me, you people read one book, and you're convinced that everything it speaks of is truth and can't be argued, but if you would take even 2 minutes to really think about it, you would see none of it fits together, it's all a form of control for the mindless individuals of our planet. Continue thinking the way you do, in the end things won't be as you expected, and turning back would be an option no longer available. And don't even pull that jesus crap, he did nothing for me, he just showed faith and died for it, I didn't ask him to take on the cross, to preach his crap, he did it of his own free will, I exist 2000+ years after and he was doing it for me? I doubt it.

Re: you're already dead.

Wow , you know all that and you still can't spell basic words. Education my friend, is what you need not blind faith and indoctrination.

There is no god

damned to understand

i understand how the four princes come together. i believe in the four princes and i worship each of them. to me life can become a basis for these princes to be bound to. there is nothing wrong about what is said here, it is bound on true belief that i know and believe is correct. i am bound spiritually to satan and lucifer.

Acid Rayne

do satanist belive in satan as a person?

Re: ?

No, satanists believe that satan is a metaphor for death & reality

Psychoanalysis and Civilization (1962 )


Civilizations are not natural, they are all man made, below my letter, is an important book titled " Psychoanalysis and Civilization " 1962,pg 1- and you'll realize how and why they formed, ( for, and love ect )

In psychoanalysis ( Mental analysis ) the 3 main motivaing issues Human Beings deal with are issues of (1) Power (2) Sex Gratification and (3)Security from Death, because these 3 issues hold survival value for people.

I think cryonic suspension ( freezing ) after death, should provide civilizations with a form of security from death, then hoepfully when we are resurrected, we'll have robotic humaniod parents with concrete homes with lots of cheap electric power, and toys, machines made, as in an empowered child culture with robot parents, where are work is fun and play, and governemtns make their own gold coin tax money from transmutates lead ...the future ..or instead of resurrection of the dead body..if we want to use space planes to send us into the cold outerdarkess of space ( a heavenly amusement park ?) and float for million of years, like a comet or asteroid, fly out of here, we can do that too.

May God's good fun spirit be with you

Br Dan


Psychoanalysis and Civilization [1962]

by Paul Rosenfels


The development of a science of human nature is primarily a semantic problem. Man dwells in a self-made world of meanings, established through the use of words, and an equally self-made world of values, brought into being by the creation of procedures and techniques. Important psychological abstractions like love, mercy, and honesty must be understood in depth, which means that they take on a permanent core of meaning which can be readily communicated. If these words change in meaning with changing circumstances they become mere words, phantoms from which life has departed, and no matter how much intensity of feeling the user brings to the words in an attempt to endow them with life, they remain mere echoes of the insight they are supposed to embody.

When the fundamental abstractions on which human communication rests cannot find a permanent identity, each man is burdened with the necessity of finding the meanings of human ideas in his own life. There is no established body of universal truth in human matters on which he can rely, and the consequent insecurity for the seeker of human truth becomes very great. Since everyone who thinks creatively must have a unified and permanent view of life many men are forced to accept that view of life which wards off discontent and anxiety, rather than maintaining that open search which only ends in the presence of the truth.

If abstractions which describe human nature are to be understood in depth they must be seen in relationship to the experiences which give them depth. Everything of importance in human nature has a paired quality, because it is part of the reciprocal relationship between the submissive and the dominant in the life process. Depth is intensified in the presence of vigor; vigor is enlivened in the presence of depth. Love takes on its real meaning only in relationship to power; power finds its true value in relationship to love. In this book, love and power are considered together, and all important concepts concerned in human nature are placed in similar pairs. Out of this viewpoint a greater unification of human nature as a subject matter becomes possible. Men do not have to fear being abstract in viewing human nature; what they have to fear is the production of abstractions which have no relationship to the concrete world of the life of action.


Civilization took its origin in the social ideas arising from the priest's view of

(Deleted comment)

Re: fuckin wierdos!!!!

Your spelt weirdo's wrong. And why not be a little more open minded? Fool.

Re: fuckin wierdos!!!!

You put an apostrophe on "weirdos", which is plural and doesn't need an apostrophe.

Interest concerning satanic symbols

There is an interest concerning the Four main forces of satanism namely Satan, Lucifer, Belial, and Levithian. The thing that interests me the most is the way LeVay chose two of the medieval-renaissance christian terms concerned with the christian devil. Satan being the devil and Lucifer the price of darkness in hell. More so Belial, one of the fallen angels a.k.a the supposed basis of evil on earth. It seems to me like LeVay was mocking the Christian views or condemning them to be false. Now I have no evidence to support this nor am I in any way condemning the founder of this recent and highly interesting religion. I just wonder is there anyone who thinks the same as I or wishes to make comment to this note

Manipulation and Chaos Magick.

I was recently advising and teaching one of my friends on the concept of Chaos Magick, having been one who has experienced its sheer deceptive beauty.

I would like to ask if Chaos Magick is something that comes under the rulings and principles of Leviathan... somewhat an obscurity of the subconscious I believe is something that is of a twisted sea serpent.

On this note I would like to request a comprehensive tutorial on the use of Chaos Magick and its main principles when applying it to humanitarian interests - though negated and dark as my intentions are for its use.

Many regards (and please reply to,

Salem x

GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why whould all of u people want to burn in hell.lucifer is not going two help u he is lieing two u.GOD LOVES YOU he die for all of us.GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!

Re: GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah right.....I don't know why i'm telling you this it's just YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY ON THESE KNID OF SITES!!!!!!!!these people well, I would be very surprized if they haven't flinged a curse at you, if they haven't your one lucky motherfuckering stuiped christian.


My Lord is a gracious God indeed :) He created everything that we know.. He created the birds of the air and fish of the sea.. He also created the animals that Satanism holds royal.. Very foolish!!!!! unlike you or I could imagine. God created the hills and the water. God created SEX, LOVE. He gave HIS children reasoning and conciousness. Do not stray from Him. Do not fall to the temptations of Hell. Put your trust in the Lord and you will prospure. YOU have a choice, that lasts for the rest of eternity. LOVE IS REAL AND JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. I repeat GOD IS LOVE!!!! SATAN IS LONELINESS AND IT WILL TEMPT YOU ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE. SATAN IS A BITCH AND SHOULD BE HUNG FROM THE HIGHEST TREE. You will always have a friend in Jesus. Be wary for Satan will destroy you! Repent your sins and you will see the Light. God is DAY and NIGHT. Satan is an imposter of humankind, constantly tempting us to stray from the Lord my Savior. I dare you to seek happiness in Jesus Christ, put your trust in His will, HIS WILL, HIS WILL, not your own, HIS WILL and you will prosper. You already believe He has the power to banish your royality from eternal happiness so does He not have the same power to banish lost children like yourself? Has the Lord not proven Himslef through the old testament of His Righteousness and PURE AUTHORITY over all creation? Confess your sins to the Lord, hold them inside no more for your sins will be forgiven.

- Ben from America -


I have read all the comments on this site...for my fellow bretheren in Christ, be of good courage for the battle has been won. The enemy as we know has come to kill,steal and destroy. He deceives mankind with soothing deceitfull lies. It is the Holy spirit which convinces the heart of man. We can only pray that they are set free. To all those who oppose the gospel and ulter blesphemous words, may our lord and saviour in His abundant mercy save your souls. P.s. No weapon fashioned against the children of God will prosper. Psalms 91. In the blood of Jesus Christ we have been given the power to overcome all the power of the enemy and to step on serpents and scorpions.

I would like to join the Satanists but I am under privilledged

Hi Sir/Madam i would like to join the Devil and worship him. But I dont have a good information how to do it. Please help?

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