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Banshee in the closet!

I dreamt of being in a new house, and there was a banshee inside a locked cupboard. If you stayed in the house you would become aware of it's endless wailing. The longer you stayed there, the more maddening it got.

Banshees normally appear as a warning of the imminent and sudden death of someone in the house. In the dream I knew this, and no-one else knew what it was, we all just ignored it, but I was worried because I felt it might make one of us go insane and kill one of the others, thereby making it's warning a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, the others were less worried. They could all hear the wailing, but I could hear it louder, except one of us. He claimed he couldn't hear it at all, and denied it completely, unconvincingly. Irrationally. So I was scared he was staying up at night with his hands over his ears going insane.

Anyway I hate it when dreams go unfinished! I napped a bit earlier after snuggling a friend, on her uber-comfy massive bean bag, and dreamt briefly of the banshee but the dream had (no pun intended) no substance.

The banshee which has been haunting my imagination for a while (a few monthes) is one that wailes "make this torment end!" and "why have you brought me back?" in a intensely high pitch and melancholy voice. And if provoked, will chant "U. N. D. E. A. D. Tell me what it means to me". She sounds like she wants to die.

You get 50 goth points if you can name the creature that facilitates this type of banshee's hauntings! Clue: It's not a celtic or gaelic name.
Tags: banshees, death, dreams
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