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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

(no subject)

Weekend so far...

London Satanists meet was great... talked for hours to an intelligent and particularly interesting guy who I was pleased could make it at last.

Slimelight was merely OK. The hard trance set went on for much too long and the dramatic ebm stuff wasn't even touched until 4am.

Going to a party in SE London with a few friends... then shortly the final remaining housemate will leave for Christmas! This is dire news indeed: But I intend to record some vocals for some music I'm doing. This means I have to learn to sing... I'm pleased my housmates are gone :-) (for their sake...)

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Good luck with the vocals!

See you soon hopefully.


Jesus Christ these vocals are going to take ages!!!! It takes a lot of editting to make them smooth and get rid of all the noise, crackling, breathing from my cheap mike... and hours of editting to try and get their quality to match the quality of the music!

Oh... and I can't sing, though for some reason the first take of the first verse has come out better than all follow-up attempts! Except, despite being all on my own in the entire house and knowing only I will hear it, my voice still sounds *nervous* although it's not so evident with editing... adding chorus/flanger/a little reverb.


Add a lot of megaphone effects - 1000 New York bands can't be wrong!

I want to record myself singing too when I finally get this music stuff going...scary proposition as I can't stand to even hear myself talk on tape.

You're not going to go hang out with your dad/step-mum/Opto, etc. this week?

My brother is on the south coast visiting my mum and sister... my mum was going to go to prison again but they've inexplicably let her off! I'm not sure what my Dad & step mum are doing... I sent them a card though!

None of my housemates here (except Penny) celebrate Christmas... but they've still all gone home! It's a bit of a UK version of Thanksgiving! Andy (Penny's friend & x) is nearby and also not doing anything so there was a chance we could have both sat around listening to music (he has lots and knows lots, about hardcore/gabba/etc) but actually I'm making my own music and taking the opportunity while the house is empty to sing into a microphone :-)

I remember you were on retreat last xmas... it's somewhat warmer in London... all my relatives live in cold places!

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