Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

These last few days in the house alone and safely unheard... I tried to sing. Some problems include: The microphone I'm using cost less than five pound and fell to pieces when I first tried to use it a few years ago (I forgot I had it), and I don't have any voice editting software. Oh, and I can't sing!

Fantasy world Vexen is going to produce an album :-) It may lose me friends, who, scared I might produce another one cease talking to me in case I somehow continute to mistake "it's crap!", "it hurts!" and "make it stop" for "excellent, dude, make more!".

All I need to do is learn to sing, learn to write music, get good taste in music, get some software and maybe even more than £3.99 + PC worth of hardware, develop some talent and learn to write lyrics and I'm away!

Or... I could steal other peoples lyrics, do away with talent, steal some very simple tunes and riffs and pay someone goodlooking to mime, and I could instead make pop! But then, I would no longer be my own friend and at least by making bad music, at least one of my friends likes it :-)
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