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Relatives + Special friends

I have *very* limited contact with relatives and family, although we get on, we're all independent and scattered around the UK.

But it *is* nice that some of them are online, and talk to me. And read my websites!

As far as having a stereotypically non-straight image, and being a prominent (in my own little way) and open Satanist, they accept me well, and sometimes sit and talk to me about things honestly and openly. They do know that I am a sorted and stable person, which of course makes it much more likely that they'll accept my eccentric side!

I'm happy to report back to them... let them know I'm doing OK, keep vaguely up to date with how they're going, some of my family have been through very hard times, and the recovery is very slow with many excursions.

First theme: Relatives: Respect, minimalist but mature contat... and acceptence or at least mutual co-existence. I pull of this against-the-odds thing very well in my life!

Special friends with whom I share similar childhood experiences serve to be the most relaxing sources of mutual counsel; and talking with people who understand help yourself understand and accept yourself more fully.

Second theme: Thank you, special friends and lovers, warm souls who help me excersice my demons and keep them at full strength. And to all those laid back friends who simply accept me as I am.

Oh I've lost track and I'm rambling... Live Journal is terrible for making people do that!
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