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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

(no subject)

There was a mundane person in Slimes who annoyed me. Mundane people are allowed there as long as they don't cause trouble, and this is the best way for it to be... I am not one to alienate strangers. But this one was hassling a girl who was dancing next to me, and kept leaning over towards her and just looking at her (I don't know why, but mundanes are cunts when they're on drugs (or drunk), goths are still nice people when on drugs, go figure), he also kept trying to dance too close to me and I had to push him away a few times. Anyway, at one point he disappears but comes back and punches me. Kind of. I wasn't expecting it, but he just appeared.

I moved my head and he only managed to brush my lip and didn't really contact. I held his wrist, he was really weak (though he looked well built), and used it to manipulate his arm so he had to move away from me and... typical of Vexen behavior: I done it while still dancing with the the three limbs that weren't taken up with this pesky endeavour. Anyway, he went away.

This doesn't really qualify for inclusion on my bloody stupid mundanes page... and actually, it wasn't really annoying, just pathetic. Other people have complained that that night too many trendies were in Slimes and a few of them did cause trouble. I'm sure plenty of goths cause trouble too... but mostly by overindulging and being ill, and not by intimidation of the people.

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Whoa. Looks to me like the definition of 'cunt' is quite different over there than it is here! I'm glad he didn't actually deck you! I probably would've pushed him away, too... and then said something really nasty (if I thought he could hear me over the music), like "get away from me, you drunk little PRICK!" (Does Slimelight have bouncers? Big guys who throw the unruly idiots outside on their asses?)

Pay heed: You're really dividing people into classes with your talk of goths and non-goths (mundanes). ;) People are people, and some are just assholes. (Just go to a big club over here sometime and wait 'til people start getting high or drunk!)

What kind of martial arts classes have YOU been taking?? :)

We have multiple meanings for the word 'cunt'... apart from saying someone is very disagreeable it also means vagina...

Yeah, Slimelight has bouncers, they're a cool bunch and generally prominant (ie, one per dance floor and one per bar).

When I divide people into groups like that, I never mean to try to be objective or all-encompasing, but do it merely for the ease of expression. I wouldn't deny that there are plenty of goths who become obnoxious when drunk or out of their minds, and I know that many mundanes are fine... I wonder if there's a word for mundane-phobic!... pesky people never fit into easily dividable boxes, do they!

Well, here in the U.S. (in general), if a man says that to/about/anywhere near a woman, he would most likely get smacked upside the head, the term is that much-hated. That'll probably change in time, and it'll be related to the same category that 'bitch' is now.

Mundane-phobic?? *chuckle* I dunno. But if you want to take a word from the Harry Potter stories, you could use 'Muggle' and then it could be mugglophobic. *L*

Are there different categories of Goths as well? I remember hearing something years ago (from a goth friend :)) about 'Perky Goths' and 'Sullen Goths' or something like that. But no, people don't fit into compartments very easily! They change, or have too many facets to their personalities, and some of them might surprise you -- so don't judge too hastily or underestimate them ...... Mr. Perky Goth. ;) (see what I mean?)

That'll probably change in time, and it'll be related to the same category that 'bitch' is now.

I mean relegated...

There are indeed different categories of Goth. According to the Gospel of Vexen, there are three types of goth: perky goths, cyber goths and trad goths. However despite this bold statement I rather suspect that not a single goth fits squarely into any of those limiting boxes, and I'm also fairly sure there must be whole different types of goth.

Hey... punk goth, weekend goth, metaller goth, nu metaller... there's a few more!

A lighthearted page that lists multiple subcultures' stereotypes is at:

And is a brief introduction to what all these types of people might look like! (Includes Goths, Punks, Furries, Metallers, Hippies, Mundanes...). Is quite a fun and easy read :-)

FURRY!!!!!!!!!! :D Yes, yes, yes! This I totally relate to! (and I love those pics of Ia'Kat!) There's just something about furry little animals (especially cats); just always had a thing for cats. :) I don't even need Halloween to wear some kitty ears and animal print, heh heh. Plenty of squirrels in our neighborhood, too; I love it! But the part about 'most furries are bi' doesn't quite fit.

Trad goths... like 'Dead or Alive' back in the 80s/early 90s? (Used lots of music like 'Brand New Lover' for aerobics classes. :)) Whew, I remember all that music! It seems to have mostly moved down south to L.A. & San Diego, but I'm sure there are some goth clubs in the city... somewhere.

Hippies: yyyyeah! I've known several for years. But over here, sometimes they do color their hair. :) And they're not really goths--at least not in northern California--but usually practicing eclectic paganism, are extremely feminist and ecologically minded. College? Yes. Shaved legs? No. ;)

And yeah, I think you forgot one: Closet Goth!

Thanks for all the info! I noticed the post on your site statistics. That's a LOT of web writing!! I'll have to check out the Lazy Fox Studio link. :)

it really annoys me when this happens.......and its been happeneningmore and more at slimes as far as i can tell....the past few times i've bben at slimes there have ben people in there like that.....they barge past you push you out f the way...letch over the girls and generally make a nusance of themselves....next time tey do anything to me or one of my friends i'm gonna stand on there bloody neck till the boucers oust them.
hel we should at leats be able to feel safe in a MEMBERS club with out random nobheads like that geting in

Ah dunno... the punks would have never put up with these people! :-) ... I think net-culture has made some alternative groups overly passive.

It seems slimelights gone down hill since my day. (Can't wait till I can get a job, car and get to the calling again) When I was a lad I only ever saw one or two people causeing trouble in the slimes: they were both reindies and they were both subtley removed by the bouncers.

Not that I havn't seen trendies behaving well in there two of course. This said I have to agree with you over the way that Goths no matter how pissed seem to remain nice (If incoherent) people where as Trendies do seem to have a strong vein of people who when drunk seem to think part of the price of the bottle includes a licence to be obnoxously violent to all and sundery.Once I would have been disapointed at myself for thinking this. These days I think it is self evident. Admittedly I do try to use the word Ned rather than Mundane or trendie.

Unrelated comment

Interesting site. The more I read the more respect I'm gaining for satanism. But why try so hard to piss off all the other religions? I find them a bit annoying myself, but why go to such lengths? It does make their hipocracy more evident, i suppose.

- Insurgent (random mundane)

I ended up at the mission for hogmanay, which is the only proper rock/goth club in Edinburgh. Now it's not the best, but usually there are very few 'mundanes'.
I guess it's because everywhere else was full or pre-booked entry only that quite a few of them ordinary people ended up in the mission.
I didn't see any cause trouble, but you have to wonder 'why do you bother?' i never go out to a 'normal' club because i'll hate the music and probably the clintele as well.
Possibly some sort of loose dress code, like making sure everyone dresses in some way towards the genre of that particular night. I know that if i went to one of these ordinary clubs looking scruff (which i don't any more) i wouldn't be allwed in; I was refused entry to one pub for wearing combats :P
So if they see someone dressed as a mundane (without say, a members card) then they should be refused entry. Would be quite simple.

Well done and thank god you're OK. Probably 'cos you're strong and speedy and sober and he was pissed and off-balance :o) What a twat to try and hit you though :o( I'm sure it was a one-off though ... I haven't been to Slimelight for ages but I can't imagine there are many (or any) clubs in London with a safer or more accepting atmosphere.

I love 'Typical Vexen Behaviour' in keeping dancing by the way! I'm going to tell my Systema teacher about that - he'll love it 'cos he's always talking about not escalating situations and calming things down rather than seeing attacks on your person as attacks on your personality and trying to get revenge.

I think you were very sensible and I hope the idiot hasn't disturbed your inner calm and bounciness *huggly*

I didn't want to engage in matcho behavior, but to act in some way that was dominant male, but not confrontational. However, if he done that again (whether it was effective or not) I *was* planning on smashing him! [1] So, I was wanting to be non-sensible, just needed a slightly better excuse!

I happened to have rather quite solid hardplastic wrist protectors on, about 7 inches long, covering the wrist, 2 inches of the arm and the first half of my hand. With an open hand, it would have been like hitting him with a hammer! (Well, a plastic one).

I kept a look out throughout the whole night and as I left... you know I'm an observant person anyway... I didn't want him to sneak up and bottle me so kept an extra special look out. But, I didn't see him again.

[1] "If a man smite you on one cheek, SMASH him on the other!; smite him hip and thigh! [...] Give blow for blow, scorn for scorn, doom for doom - with compound interest liberally added thereunto! [...] Make yourself a Terror to your adversary, and when he goeth his way, he will possess much additional wisdom to ruminate over. Thus shall you make yourself respected in all the walks of life, and your spirit [...] shall live, not in an intangible paradise, but in the brains and sinews of those whose respect you have gained. (Satanic Bible: Book of Satan 2:7-9)

"If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.", Satanic Rule of the Earth 11 by LaVey 1987.

I considered my action to be "asking him to stop" along with a subtle demonstration that I am not passive. "Destroy", for my needs, means "remove risk".

Tee hee... apologies for the religious crap, such thoughts pass the time.

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