Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

There was a mundane person in Slimes who annoyed me. Mundane people are allowed there as long as they don't cause trouble, and this is the best way for it to be... I am not one to alienate strangers. But this one was hassling a girl who was dancing next to me, and kept leaning over towards her and just looking at her (I don't know why, but mundanes are cunts when they're on drugs (or drunk), goths are still nice people when on drugs, go figure), he also kept trying to dance too close to me and I had to push him away a few times. Anyway, at one point he disappears but comes back and punches me. Kind of. I wasn't expecting it, but he just appeared.

I moved my head and he only managed to brush my lip and didn't really contact. I held his wrist, he was really weak (though he looked well built), and used it to manipulate his arm so he had to move away from me and... typical of Vexen behavior: I done it while still dancing with the the three limbs that weren't taken up with this pesky endeavour. Anyway, he went away.

This doesn't really qualify for inclusion on my bloody stupid mundanes page... and actually, it wasn't really annoying, just pathetic. Other people have complained that that night too many trendies were in Slimes and a few of them did cause trouble. I'm sure plenty of goths cause trouble too... but mostly by overindulging and being ill, and not by intimidation of the people.
Tags: goths, mundanes, slimelight
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