Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

I want to meet people who don't do any drugs. OK, I have no problem with people taking drugs. Their choice. In particular, I don't mind cannabis, poppers, speed, ecstacy. In particular I hate: Heroin, Cocaine, acid. Of the ones I 'don't mind', speed is probably the worst as I know several people who have (suddenly) gotten speed-paranoia, and are now dysfunctional. Ecstacy is more dangerous than cannabis or poppers of course, but when people are sensible it is no more dangerous than (say) takeaway Chinese bought from market stalls.

But anyway... people will find that without drugs, they can dance longer, be fitter, be more coherent and more alert all through the night, suffer less post-clubbing come down, not spend money on drugs, be more interesting in conversation and their eyes look normal and pretty rather than pilled up!

I want to find places and parties where there are less drugs and the people are, in general, over 25. Anyone know if such places exist?
Tags: cannabis, dance, drugs, ecstacy, parties, poppers, speed
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