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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Dreamt of a cult of pregnant women

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Heh heh; hmmmm. Very strange. Maybe the women were 'pregnant with ideas' or some secret decoding knowledge that would be lost once they gave birth and/or the scientists wanted them to enter the info into the computers before it was too late. :Þ ...sounds like an X-Files dream to me! ;)

The journey was more dramatic in my dream than the real thing.
Aren't they usually? :)

I wonder if the Pregnat women linked to some kind of religon and science is some kind of filtered thought on the at sect that recently produced two cloned children (Alegdedly)

The Raelian sect has links to a science company who has claimed so far that 2 clones have been born. So far no actual evidence has transpired. Their scientific spokesperson has been in the enws recently... she's attractive so I keep noticing her :-)

Clanaid (something like that) is the name of the scientific company. The Raelians are campaigning in Israel to purchase a large piece of land to build a new embasy. They are quite rich, the embasy looks like an impressive series of buildings indeed, even though it looks like early 80s science fiction. Israel has denied permission several times over about ten years for the Raelians to own this land... even though they officially recognize the sect, and labelled them "harmless" and no illegal.

The embasy they want to build is for aliens. Aliens that produced the Human species by Cloning, and who instructed the founder of the new religion to build the embasy is preparation for their return. The Raelians are race orientated, and believe that the Japanese and Jewish races are the chosen races. Their crazy, insane text is full of Bible quotes... they have taken a few minor mistranslations and obscurities in The Bible and built a religion out of them... combined with the insane "messages" revealed to their founder, who released them in a series of books.

Raelians are very cool, though, despite being crazy, and their social aims are very good... very hippy sounding "peace on Earth", "understanding between governments", that type of stuff.

I think their recent apperance in the news may well explain the scientists, pregnant women and the cult in my dream! It didn't "feel" like it, though, so I'm not sure, but it may be nonetheless. Thanks for pointing that one out :-)

They claim in total to have eight cloned babies, two of them born, six more to come shortly. I'll believe it when it is independantly verified (DNA tests), until then I'm considering it to be a successful publicity stunt in order to get more funds.

Your Dream!

Maybe you're looking and thinking about this in a realist text: look deep into yourself and find the meaning behind the 'instruments' and the persons involved. Maybe, just this once you are being steered onto the promised path that leads to fulfilment and complete wellbeing. You/We need to understand our dreams and realise what is in our souls so we can show the unbelievers the true and righteous path to eternal freedom.Be true to yourself and ye shall find peace.

Could have something to do with the birth of Jesus ... maybe a prompting from God to accept His son, Jesus Christ, as your Savior.

Attis, Dionysus, Osiris, Mithras, and indeed, later in history, the God of the 4th century Christians, ... all of these gods of ancient history had god-man children... assuming it's about that type of religious thing, it would much more likely be a dream prompting me to accept pagan ideas, not Christian copies.

i dont know what your dream means to you as only your subconscious knows that. maybe after years of psychoanalysis the meaning would emerge although you seem fine as you are and why get fucked around by another person for their enrichment?
that said, to me the said dream is absolutely terrifying. it depicts a horrific futuristic state sanctioned techno cult ritualistic social landscape barren of organic ecology and where females are compulsarily baby machines. with IVF technology impregnating 67 year olds, perhaps some are already there.
with dreams/nightmares like yours, who needs science fiction?
i hope you will not be offended by my personal interpretation of your dream. good luck to you for having such interesting, complex dreams. mine are usually not memorable.

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