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Stats 2002 Nov

In 2002 Nov, I got on average 2941 page hits per day across my two main domains.

The most notable change in stats per site was that my Human Nature site jumped in popularity. In 2002 Oct, it accounted for 5% of all hits, however in 2002 Nov it accounted for 8%.

The second most notable change was my Bane of Monotheism site which jumped from 7% to 9% over the same period.

All other sites only changed +/- 1%.

Most popular essays in 2002 Oct and 2002 Nov:

2002 Oct: Why do people hate America, Furry

2002 Nov: Why do people hate America, Masturbation, Scary Photos of Vexen, Furry, Goth Photos, Christianity Birth Narrative, Limbic System

So I conclude that the jump in popularity of my Human Nature website was due to the launch of the Masturbation page therein. I was planning on promoting that page a bit because I know it has potential... however, it looks like I don't need to!

Sometime over the next eight hours I will release the stats for 2002 Dec and redo my stats page accordingly.
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