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No more war

This was posted by Richard Emblem on uk.religion.christian, and "ADRIAN MITCHELL" was credited as being the author:

In a specially commissioned poem for The World Today,
the distinguished English poet Adrian Mitchell reflects
on international events and paves the way for 2003.

All the light there is

We tossed a coin marked 2003
Heads for Peace, Tails for War - which'll it be?

Came down Tails - and I heard a voice:
"Welcome to the Monster Zoo!
We're going to unlock all the cages
And save democracy for you.

"And out will march monsters
whose work is war.
Their hearts are hot
as the planet's core.

"For power and money
they murder the poor,
then they rape each other
till war breeds war

"and the air cracks into shrapnel,
the oceans turn to lead
and the earth itself is burning
and all the light is dead."

Yes the monsters are rattling their cages
their keepers are reaching for the keys
and some of us are cheering on the monsters,
and some of us are down on our knees


"We love the light
all the light there is
come and let's walk
into the light of peace

no more war, no more war."

Yes - it was Heads for peace,
and a newborn child cuddled to its mother's breast.
Of all the visions I ever saw
this vision was the best.

So a New Year's born -
it gasps, it cries.
Gather up the baby -
gaze into its eyes

Sing to the baby
on the warm breast.
Let the child drink peace,
let the mother rest.


"We love the light
all the light there is.
Love is the light
all the light there is.
Peace is the light
all the light there is.
Come and let's walk
into the light of peace.

No more war, no more war."


I don't necessarily agree that "no more war" is practical or plausible or even better than pacifism (which frequently amounts to standing by and doing nothing when something should be done). But hey, it's an excellent feel-good poem nonetheless.
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