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With the increasing failure of Vexen's bare voice, I'm trying harder to use the Vocoder. It's a fiddly piece of software. The concept is very simple... you take a sound wave (a WAV file) of a modulated or noisy nature, and multiply it by a WAV file of a voice or singing, and vary the constructive/destructive and power of interference, and also alter things like the echo and multiplication factor... to produce what sounds like a completely different voice. But it's very fiddly to get it right.

So... my naked voice occasionally works. Especially for emotional, poetic words which are not long and drawn out in too many places (as such a thing requires an actual singing voice). Which, unfortunately, is not the type of music I'm inclined to make because it requires better quality music, and I can't write music.

So... next Vocoder attempts will be this: I am taking a track I've made, creating a very simple WAV file of an instrument like an organ or wind instrument that creates a permanent sound (not a decaying one), and playing that in the tune of what my voice should do if it was singing to the track. Then, I will speak in time to the music, trying to alter only the volume... then rely completely on the Vocoder to turn the plain voice and the "sung" instrument into a voice that hits the rights notes. I will then take the result, add distortion and voila: Industrial quality singing voice.

What I'm trying to do is find a "formula" that I can then easily keep using across multiple tracks, perhaps modifying the amount of distortion for different tracks as appropriate. The pseudo-voice of Vexen may yet be heard! Of course, if you hear nothing more of this, then it's been a failure, and an embarrasing one!

Oh, in other news, I paid off two of my debts, I now only have two (and one of them is my student loan which I don't need to start repaying yet) remaining. I achieved this using trickery.

On the music front... my second track took some big steps towards success when I scrapped all the midi tracks (just keeping the synth work and Rebirth tracks) except a few bits, and started again. I was trying to make up for lack of tune by making it repetitive and trance-y, however it was turning out just /too/ obvious that it's produced by a complete amatuer with bad taste in music...
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