Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree
The siege has lasted almost two weeks...

I am really annoyed that they just haven't shot him yet. I mean... storm the building, gas him, shoot him with sleeping darts if they want him alive for some reason... but Jesus Christ, how pathetic have the police been? I am normally pro-establishment, but really this is a failure. Our police force is the best equipped, best paid and fitter, stronger than many other Western countries, but... what is with this resultant softness?

I understand and am happy if this is a modern day psychological test... seeing what happens to a person during a long term siege, but I don't think that's what is being done... it's annoying me.

Their excuses "We don't want a firefight in the street" is meaningless, nearby residents have been moved away... if the police don't have the guts to just go in and get the guy, where's the army? Actually I understand that unless national security is threatened the army are not allowed to interfere in civilian justice, but... all this amounts to Vexen-confusion. There must be ulterior motives behind the police abstinence, like the guy must not be killed, maybe he has really important knowledge of something... or maybe they think this ridiculous wetness is somehow a deterrent to others who would defy? the police? I believe in powerful police, effective police /on the street/, not just long prison sentences. So this annoys me.

Anyway, in other news... nope, no other news, have all night to do things... what should I do?
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