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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

EE: A guitarist, right under my nose...

Did Vexen just acquire a guitarist? Yes. I'm a week away from having a band. Eek. OK. Cool. Surprising, but cool. OK, my project known as Empirical Existence is going to have it's name changed too. Yes, it is my full desire to do EBM & Technoindustrial with a real guitarist. Sampled, distorted and looped as it will be, nontheless it will be real.

What should I be called? Some names I have considered but am not happy with include:

Iconoclast (my favorite, but surely there's already a band called this?)
Iconoclash (dislike - a boring play on words)
Assignment Belial (poor, rhythym)
Apocalypse Zen
Projection Wolf, or Project Wolf (boring)
Mucous Membrane (immature, teenage)
Ultra Alien Elite (too geeky)
Wu Tung Baphomet (not EBM or techno sounding enough)
Wu Tech Baphomet ("Wu" has no meaning)

I will not call the band "Vexen" for multiple reasons. Because I don't want to "use up" my name on my first (and worse) music project. Later, when I am good, I may be happy to call a project "Vexen".

I am considering in order:

Limbic Demon
Vixen Electra (too girly!)
Vocal Enochian

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*grins* who you conned into it then? :)

Non-scene, and he is overskilled for the simple electronic industrial guitar... but I sat with him and he can play as is required :-)

Time will tell... I'm so new to all this :-)

Next week we aim to figure out how to plug his equipment into my poor underpower computer... so many leads to follow! And so few clues... :P

Zen Demon?
Black Trance?
Trance Elite?
Lucifer's Jammer? (heh heh... kidding!)

Nah, don't use Vixen Electra (sounds too much like Carmen Electra), or Vocal Enochian.

Gotta think on it some more. I'll get back to it later; it's Friday night, gotta get going! Congrats and Good luck! :)

Black Trance :-)

Lucifer's Jammer is fun, that would be cool, if my band had real instruments.

I haven't got a name yet... may have some more ideas.

I like the definition of iconoclast! But for some reason a band with two words to it seems to fit better... don't know why.

Um, what instruments are they using if not real ones? :)

Oh, how about (looking at your userpic) Trident Trance, or Trance Trident? Or Vixen Trident? :D ....I dunno, just ideas!

Let's see...

Diablo Trance?
Serpentine Trance?
Diabolique? (probably already taken)
Mephistopheles or Mephisto? (probably also taken)


I say Limbic Demon - it has a great ring to it and rolls nicely off the tongue!

Possible. It has a "tick" and a "cross" now, it's "neutral". Seems like I'm going for "Iconoclast" at the moment. Would you believe there doesn't appear to be a band in the underground and alternative music scenes with that title!

How about Dis Pater... the Latin name for Hades.

I like the way you think :-)

That makes me happy. I like your work and rants in the LJ philosophy realm. It is always good to find another person who reads and understands the works of Anton Lavey.

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