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Good Saturday :-)

Watched Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Which was amazing. You know... I haven't cried so much since Moulin Rouge. More than once I note only shed tears, but sobbed like a girl :-). I enjoyed the warm company of Marconi and Felis who I met beforehand. They rock :-)

I randomly met pennypenny which is nice as always, and wondered with her and her friend. We went into a obscure video store, and I got Soylent Green for £5!! It was sat there waiting for me! It knew I'd been quoting it around here! It stalks my imagination. I asked: They didn't have the German dubbed version. Ah well!

I bought "Church of Acid" by Velvet Acid Christ from Resurrection Records, which is very good (so far). Very ambient, atmospheric, smooth electronic industrial, as good as Twisted Thought Generator by the same band. I also bought "Entities" by Project Pitchfork because I like "souls" that is on the album, I don't know how good the album is. And I finally got "Electronomicon" by The Electric Hellfire Club (click for album reviews), which Resurrection Records ordered for me.
Tags: camden, crying, electric hellfire club, electronomicon, entities, lord of the rings, moulin rouge, penny, project pitchfork, resurrection records, soylent green, tears, the two towers, twisted thought generator, velvet acid christ
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