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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Shopping for Satanism items/shops in the UK

Shopping for Satanism items and Satanic shops in the UK

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Where to buy occult objects

I have, for some time, been doing my occult shopping by mail at the sorceror's apprentice. The shop, located in Leeds, has a website where you can order via email, or, if like me, you havn't got a bank account, goods can be purchased direct.

Satan Shop

Just a quick note to be aware of buying anything from I placed an online order and they took my money and did not send and goods. I sent multiple emails over a 4 month period with no reply. So be very very careful of this dodgy company.


Re: Satan Shop

Hi All

A quick point regarding 'Atlantis Bookshop' in London.

The shop recently changed hands and, after a substantial revamp, has returned to stocking much more directly Occult related books, with far less 'New Age garbage'

Frater Obscurum

If a Satanist has enemies, he or she must be extremely carefully with burning black candles. Any maledictions sent your way can be extremely absorbed into your mind and body and general atmosphere. The common manifestations are often sickness, accidents, exhaustion, horrendous headaches, etc... One item that is quite insidious, depending on the proficiency of the malefactor, is the gradual slide into poverty if one is not already there. This is something that you may not notice at all, and all of a sudden you're broke. And I mean flat broke.
Another factor that Satanist's need to be aware of is Law Enforcement's fascination with Satanists. I know of several cops who are Satanists, and they don't like competition. They often consider Satanists a threat to the peace and well-being of the community they patrol. They will try to destroy you. They show up in the Tarot cards as the Justice card, page of swords, etc.. There is more pain and evil there than you can imagine. Also, the Masons (many of whom are cops), patrol the occult wave lengths to try to undermine and slaughter Satanists. Careful.
Once anyone finds out you're a Satanist, they will often immediately inform the local police. The local police will quickly inform the F.B.I., and within a short period of time you will hear clicks on your telephone during conversations. They will never stop tapping your phone and those whom you talk with. Nothing fascinates them more. Nothing is more threatening to them. Many Satanists have died not realizing the source of their demise. I just gave it to you. Now spread the word. Also, I would like to mention that instead of burning black candles, try red. It makes things work faster in a general sense, and doesn't draw as much negativity back to you if you should be attacked. If you don't have enemies, well then maybe you can get away with the black candles. Sooner or later you'll have enemies though, because the sound and the image of Satan drives people fucken crazy.


What complete and utter trite... superstitious, nonsensical, paranoid mumbo-jumbo!

"Also, I would like to mention that instead of burning black candles, try red. It makes things work faster in a general sense, and doesn't draw as much negativity back to you if you should be attacked"

Waaaaa ha ha ha ha!!!!! Oh my god, you certainly go crazy in the New Age section of your library don't you! Red candles don't make anything go faster, in any "general" sense! Dude, they're only red because the wax is chemically dyed... why on Earth, please tell me, do you think that chemical dyes make things "work faster in a general sense"!!!! I'd love to hear you actually explain that, instead of just being taken in by the maze-making claptrap of new age!

OK... thanks for the light entertainment, laughing at people makes my day. The people in my office thought you were pretty funny too!

Have I made an enemy of you yet? Well, I'll burn some black candles and when I die in 80 years time, I'll wish I listened to you!


Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Reverend Damian Forcas, I'm the High Priest and founder of the Theistic Church of Satan, I've been a Theistic Satanist for over 10 years and a High Priest for over 3 years. Black Candles does not "attract negativity" there is a quote from Prince Beelzebub that goes "Darkness is light inside out", we Satanists use black candles because black represents darkness, and darkness is what fuels Magick, especially Black Magick. That's why every Ancient civilization that used Magick worshipped a "nocturnally based" religion, look at the Sumerian beliefs which are the Semetic roots of Theistic Satanism and Black Magick, read through the Necronomicon. From those days of the Sumerian people they believed that if the sunlight even touched the ritual tools that you'd have to remake and perform the blessings all over again because the magick would be drained. If you read standard rituals you'd know that for centuries that witches and black magicians have always took salt or the athame to make a circle around them and their altar to mark the ritual area. So my guess is that you're missinformed somewhere. To understand magick used to harm people you must understand the laws of magick, that is why when I meet someone who needs an introduction to magick before getting into Satanic Black Magick I usually get them to read some books on Wiccan Magick, they may be different relgions but the laws of magick don't change because of religion. The most well known and important of these laws are "do as thy will but harm none", and the "law of three", The law of three states that whatever evil you cast out to someone will return to its caster in three fold. I've seen several cases in which this has happened including Christians who tried to "purify" some teen girl who was a Satanist, all the Christians died before the ritual was over, the cause of death was the lack of ventalation in the tent they had set up, they suffucated in the smoke of the incense. The teen Satanist survived because she was shackled to the ground. This is a perfect example of the Law of three, so they can make me sick or poor, but I know that what's happening to me isn't as bad as the ingrate that placed the illness or lack of money. Also due to certain laws, the law enforcement is no longer allowed to spie on people they believe are Satanists, mainly because hundreds of investigations have proven that no Satanist has been evidently responsible for any ritual crimes within the past 300 years.

-Reverend Damian Forcas

I get my black candles from Paperchase.

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