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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Current "maybe" names for Vexen music project are:

Baphomet Method.
Burning Ego.
Synthetic Inferno.
Serpentine Manifesto.

Iconoclast is my favorite, it's meaning is great, but people have said it sounds like "Icon Of Coil" because it starts with "Icon"... silly people, but, it is the people whose opinions are important here, so my hand is forced! Which of the above names do you prefer for a new ebm/electronic music project?

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I'm surprised nobody has Iconoclast already! I'd go for that.

I'm surprised too! Thanks for your support, that's my fave one!

Actually it has already been used by a punk rock band.That was a long time ago though.

Iconclast is alright, I quite like "Baphomet Method"

My intended synthpop project is called "1000 Beautiful Angels" - although I don't know how many tongues I managed to fit in my cheek when I came up with that one!

That's a good name... numbers and scientific-sounding or technology-sounding words "method", "1000", go well with synthpop... it's good, I think, to have a name that suits the genre so people feel, just from the name, that they like the band.

How about Iconoclast, but with Icon in large type and oclast in small type?

I'm not going to go for this... people would just drop the capitals and call it Iconoclast anyway! It would have to be "Iconoclastic", as Iconoclast is taken. I think I'm going for Baphomet Method.

I'm all for Baphomet Method, me. It just .. sounds nicer. Go fig.

There is a Liverpool band called "Iconoclast":

Personally my favorite name in terms of sound is "Burning Ego." It rolls off the tongue nicely.

I'd have to agree, "Burning Ego" flows well.

Noted, thanks!

Iconoclastic has 6 votes
Baphomet Method has 4
Burning Ego has 2
Serpentine Manifesto has 3, plus one "no way" vote

I've been using (Very large database of CD/Artist names) to check names, I found that Iconoclast were taken... thanks for the link! "Iconoclastic" isn't taken though!

Burning Ego didn't have any votes, I'd crossed it off my list... but it just got 2 votes, so it's back in there again!

Thanks for your voice!

Maybe I'll do an album called "Burning Ego"!

As long as VNV Nation don't think I'm making fun of them :-)

I like "Baphomet Method". To me it sounds sinister/kinky/technological all at the same time!

Yes! Those keywords are just the right ones :-) *marks down a vote*

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