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I'll be at the FurMeet later today.

In other news... I've been a bit silent on the Web Site front, and on the social front. I'll be more sociable later, for now I seem to be quite busy. Periods of silence are frequently followed by a series of large and important webpages, and I am indeed brewing a large number of ideas and text behind the scenes.

New Years' Resolutions were, and are:

  • Make new dreams
  • Be more of an activist
  • Make a music CD

It seems that number three can potentially fulfill all three. The aim isn't to make a /commercial/ one, just to make one that I love. I have 6 tracks so far that I intend on including. (baphometmethod is my LJ user & slave for this project).
Try out Rule Satannia, the new magazine by UK Satanists Donna Black and Helnock.
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