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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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The furmeet was great, it seems everyone has really matured over the last half a year! I've been absent from the meets for a while. People are, especially rejects and outacsts, it seems, picked up by furry and they learn to be sociable: They mature, by making friends and interacting with people. Aside from the younger generation, I met and spent much time with several old friends and it was really great to meet those who I met!

Got great and simple Japanese food from Tokyo Diner, then sat in a gay pub in SoHo for an hour or two, but it was too crowded so I took us all to Starbucks where we had yummy coffee and talked for another hour or two.

Great Saturday :-)

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It was lovely! Good food, good company, good conversation.

Overall: ***** :o)


i really was going to make this one...but Marcony was ill and wanted company, so I'd leftthe area before you all gathered.

2 meets time I promise!!

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