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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Dream: Peaceful aliens

Dream: Peaceful Aliens

This dream involved no guns, war, chasing, combat, violence or fear! In it, I am a normal person who works in a small city in a shoe/trainer shop.

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Wow, I think I have found someone I can relate to!

I have just read the "peaceful aliens" dream, and I have to say I am so happy to be reading this.

First, I have dreams too.

Second, I have had a contact (more than one) with an alien or a being...whatever it had eyes and a head...but it doens't matter. What matters is that you must believe me.

I really appreciate to be able to read such things as your dreams for they are very interesting. They are like the ones I have sometimes too. Really weird.

I am now a "member" of CSETI but it doesn't really help much. What helps me is to talk to peeopl like you.....for in the CSETI group, perhaps maybe only Dr. Stven M. Greer himself (if he's not lying, lol) I have not found one person that had an experience like mine.

I believe the world is filled with difference. Maybe some aliens are at war, and if so, we are quite fucked. But, let's just hope we aren't ok? I would like to chat with you if you would accept. My email is

I have lots to share on the alien phenomena and on many others experiences with premonitions. I have had dreams that happened for real the next day! Many times. I have had out of body or as I call them, bird's eye view experiences. I have too much things to say and opinions backed with proof and evidence that we are not alone and being observed.

Hope to talk to you soon, take care. Mathieu

Oh my god!

Mathieu here again....I was reading the Red dreams section and it said Vexen dreamt of the world crumbling beneath its feet.....I had the exact same dream about two months ago!!!

My dream was that first:

I am in a house, well it was my grand parents and I am trying to scare my friend and his wife who are at the door outside. But then they see me and I realize there are two Phils (my friend)! Exactly identical.

The second part is me driving on the highway during day, and I see the earth is cracking. huge cracks are forming and eating up cars. And calmly avoid em until I am eaten up. I can clearly see the inside of the earth and then I awake.

P.S. I have had dreams of zombies too...long time ago.

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