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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Satan in World religion

Page relaunch: The contents of "Satan and The Devil in World Religions" by Vexen Crabtree (2014) is now:

  1. Explaining Evil: Why World Religions Personify Evil
  2. Religions
    1. Zoroastrianism (Ahriman)
    2. Buddhism (Māra)
    3. Judaism and Christianity (Satan, The Devil)
      1. Satan in the Hebrew Scriptures
      2. God and Satan are Interchangeable
      3. Lucifer - The Misreading of Isaiah Led to the Demonisation of an Innocent Name
    4. Islam (Shaitan, Iblis)
    5. Polytheism, Hinduism (Not Applicable)
    6. Norse Religions (Nidhogg)
    7. Various Religions and Belief Systems
    8. Satanism - The Church of Satan (Conglomerate)
  3. Righteous Satan
  4. Who Believes? The Slow Demise of Satan: Satan is Not Universal, Not Everywhere

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Opps~ i disagree with you.

Hello Vexen, i am Vernace. In Buddism, it never says that satan means our ties to this world, our ego, our wants and desires. Having ties, ego and desires of this world are not evil in Buddism philosopy. Maybe i should call Buddism as Zen. Zen is not really a religion but a philosopy just like satanism. It is not like Christainity, the concept of good and evil. It is about searching the truth, ehh.... just like the show "matrix" Staying nether the good or the bad side, Zenist is neutral( the grey side )

Hey... i really admire you, Vexen. Too bad, i am not gay. HAHAHAHAHAH~

Re: Opps~ i disagree with you.

Mara is the Buddhist symbol of evil, and Mara represents and promotes all ties to the Earth, all desire. To overcome all desire, like the Buddha, you have to defeat Mara (Satan), like the Buddha did, as Desire & Evil are the same thing: Attachments to this world, that prevent personal consummation.

Re: Opps~ i disagree with you.

I don't know about Zen, though.

And thankx... I'm not gay either though!

Re: Opps~ i disagree with you.

thanks for enlighten me. i heard of Mara. but i forgotten what it is.

You play WarCraft 3?

HEHEEHEEE~ Vexen play WarCraft 3 too~
oh... i forget that Satanist are humans too~ :P


The truth about Satan, let alone this demonic website, is that Satan is nothing more than a defeated enemy of God and the only reason why he has able to get all of you to follow him is because you're all weak-minded and if you think that he cares about any of you---he doesn't!!
He is merely fooling you all into thinking that he cares, when in reality, he's dragging your souls to hell and if you keep following him, you'll die one day and when you realize that he's dragged your sorry souls to hell, you will all wish that you hadn't listened to him, and you'll scream to the Lord to pull you all out of hell---but your screams will go unheard and then you will all realize why you're all in hell---you were all foolish enough not to heed the word of God and were foolish enough to listen to an evil entity who hates your guts and sees you all as nothing more than a bunch of gullible primates who believe any demonic nonsense that he tells you.
Don't believe me??
Who do you think is telling you to reject the word of God??

After the relaunch, this page's new comments are here:

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