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Satan in World religion

Page relaunch: The contents of "Satan and The Devil in World Religions" by Vexen Crabtree (2014) is now:

  1. Explaining Evil: Why World Religions Personify Evil
  2. Religions
    1. Zoroastrianism (Ahriman)
    2. Buddhism (Māra)
    3. Judaism and Christianity (Satan, The Devil)
      1. Satan in the Hebrew Scriptures
      2. God and Satan are Interchangeable
      3. Lucifer - The Misreading of Isaiah Led to the Demonisation of an Innocent Name
    4. Islam (Shaitan, Iblis)
    5. Polytheism, Hinduism (Not Applicable)
    6. Norse Religions (Nidhogg)
    7. Various Religions and Belief Systems
    8. Satanism - The Church of Satan (Conglomerate)
  3. Righteous Satan
  4. Who Believes? The Slow Demise of Satan: Satan is Not Universal, Not Everywhere
Tags: buddhism, comparative religion, eastern, hinduism, mara, religion, satan, satanism, shaitan, shaytan
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