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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


I've dreamt of kissing this dream-girl before (literally, this is a girl who doesn't exist in real life) in a dream, but this time round we had a hotel! We were making out in varied ways and kissed romantically on the window sill of the hotel. We didn't have full sex but we snuggled lots. I sat behind her and we gave her lots of attention until she climaxed, then she left.

I had to tidy up our messy hotel room. When I'd done the beds, a shaven headed youth came in and sat down. He was (I guess) renting the room soon. I packed a whole load of military weaponry into an old empty Weetabix box. I then brought out a fold away anti aircraft missile launcher, a small gazooka, AK47s and other assorted weaponry and showed them off to the person as I packed them into my two backpacks. I didn't have any ammunition, apparently, for most of it.

Then Penny just got home and woke me up before my dream descended (as always) into some Vexen Versus Horrible Monsters adventure as they all inevitably do! Which was a shame because my last few dreams have been normal non-nightmares :-( I'm not putting this one on my site, it's too boring!

(Dream diary)

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*walks away quickly* your mad!!

I just wrote up http://www.vexen.co.uk/d/supermarketarmy.html , that's even worse :-), and ends with kissing too!

Nice seeing you, hope you got back safely *hugs*

*scouts around website* *keels over* you can't be that old!! *faints*

i think i'll just have to just refer to you as young vexen to make me feel better.

*scouts around more* eep!! work unsafe photos there...*backs away slowly*

You think YOUR dreams are strange??! I think if I tried to write down my dreams in detail... no way. I wouldn't publish them on the web. They're usually too freakin' weird. *LOL*

Dreams are fun :-)

Sounds like you have some /really/ funwierd ones though!

That was me, logged on as the wrong person.

Yeah, I was kinda wondering why your band would be answering my post! *L* No problem. :)

Yep. By-product of overactive imagination I suppose. :)

reminds me of my dream man

Hey there Vexen,This is Sera Rain here (big cheesy grin).Thought i might share my own dream ....through my older years have dreamed of a man,that i am at ease with...never see his face,spoken,nor touched.Often are with him in random places,one time i remember standing behind him looking out a window,watching circus tents been put up.....ahh any way sera..get on with your tale!...ok..i went up to a room,walked across the wooden floor to a large bay window..where there were paintings displayed.There was this one particular picture of to people entwined in sexual union.I was intrigued,as i stood there engrossed in the couple ,they began to move still in union..drifting from one painting to another.As i was watching this hypnotic pleasure,a man (the artist)walked up behind me wrapped me in his arms...and i orgasmed!! YUM.....to this day it still makes me glow
Thanks for the room,to allow my babbling..... x x x Sera Rain

Re: reminds me of my dream man

yummy :-)

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