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Friday night clubbing

Firstly, it's still snowing since the blizzard yesterday.

Secondly, I have just listened to Bat Out Of Hell 2 by Meatloaf several times, and I haven't finished with it yet! Rarrr, rock on!

Thirdly, Friday night...

I decided to go to Tenebrae for a change, @ Gossips, I have only been there once before thought I'd give it another try. I met friends in Starbucks beforehand, and we got there sometime before 11.

But... I found it quite boring! I owe a big hugs to the company I was with... Felis, Toby, BarbedWireKiss, guy with long black hair[1], beautiful girl[2], who made the night worthwhile with nice, random and inconsequential light talk...

[1][2] This does not narrow down or allow anyone to figure out who these people actually are, and I've forgotten their names, but they know who they are.

I danced moped to trad goth for an hour, then danced enthusiastically to the bleepy set (opening with 'Call the ships to port' by Covenant, rar!) for half an hour, but I so so so wanted to be in Slimelight but it wasn't Saturday yet and I wanted to be sociable.

I left before the club closed to make sure that Felis got on the correct bus (she can look after herself, I know, but there's no harm in watching out for your friends), and got a bus to Catford because to get to Lewisham required me going to Trafalgar Square, and I fancied a walk. From Catford I walked the few miles to where I live, and thoroughly enjoyed the cascading, beautiful and thick fluffy snow that piled up on my leather jacket. Everything was beautiful :-)

Then I bought a big 200g bar of cadbury's chocolate at a 24hr garage and munched it all as I walked.

That's it. I wont be going to Slimelight tomorrow, I don't think, but then again the temptation! To lose myself in trance, mind calm and robot-icism for hours upon hours under a power electronic dance music, meditation and demonsearching beauty, the SlimelightVexen experience is hard to resist sometimes, if you're Vexen... I always come out of multiple hours of dancing there with inspiration, clarity and happy energy.

Oh... I was on TV last night, I got a whole ton of emails from people who recognized me, a load of guestbook entries, it was a repeat of something I done a few years ago, I didn't know it was on until people said they saw me.
Tags: chocolate, club tenebrae, clubbing, felis, gossips, london, slimelight, tv
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